Namosi Mine Questions

The PM has responded to villagers concerns about the proposed Namosi mine project with the following press release.  I do not know whether or not political agitators took advantage of local concerns as the PM infers, but I do know that when the mining of copper in Namosi was first mooted in the 1970s, very serious environmental concerns were raised by environmental experts. As the project was then planned, discharges into the Namosi river would have had serious environmental consequences, not just for inland Namosi, but for the whole of the coral reef ecosytem at the mouth of the river.  The PM needs independent professional advice on this. He is not a geologist.


Prime Minister Bainimarama announced today that he will be taking over responsibility for overseeing talks and negotiations related to the Namosi Joint Venture mining project in Waisoi area. As a result of some people seeking to politicize the project for their own benefit by spreading misinformation, the Prime Minister wants to personally ensure all relevant parties’ voices continue to be heard—in particular those of the landowners. An Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is still being conducted, as are economic impact analyses.

Government is committed to maintaining a pristine environment in Namosi and throughout Fiji. It is imperative to be forward looking to ensure a clean environment for future generations while trying to gain maximum benefit for landowners—as has been done successfully throughout the world.

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    Here's a sample of a sad, unsavoury comment.  How low can you go?

    Declare her hand has left a new comment on your post "A Rebuff to the Critics":
    If you are speaking for shameem, and she refuses to answer the question then she has implicated herself. And if she doesn't like the heat she can get out of the farking kitchen - as it is going to get much hotter.
    Oh, and your side have the guns, and nobody gives a rat's arse, so you and your thugs are the cowards - and will squeal like mongoose when the tide is turned. cowards and hypocrites! like Gaddafi.


Open Your Eyes said…
I see you posted that the PM is taking responsibility for the Namosi mine negotiations because “of some people seeking to politicize the project”

In your balanced way I see you made no mention of the villagers of Namosi, their blockade and the reasons for their blockade.

I also note that side of the story has not yet managed to reach the national media. I think that clearly shows that media organizations are very wary of what they publish with or without the censors.
Rodney Cole said…
Be careful, be very careful! Before signing off on the development of a copper mine in Namosi those responsible for that decision should take along hard look at the effects of using river systems to dispose of mine tailings in the case of the Jaba River in Bougainville and the Fly in Western Province, PNG.
political blog said…
You call your blog a 'political blog' (see the preface to lockington's stimulating column). Yet yoy continually make disparaging remarks about 'political agaitators' or those with political views different from the unelected junta? I find that extremely hypocritical, in the same way you turn a blind eye to junta violence but get offended when those who support democracy even hint at giving the junta what they have given to others?
Anonymous said…
Does this make you an 'Naz' proud Croz? From the front page of the sydney morning herald.

"The company (Qorvis" has also represented the man called ''Africa's worst dictator'', Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Mbasogo is accused of extrajudicial killings and embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars during his three-decade reign."

What a great pedigree?
Croz Walsh said…
@ Open your eyes ... That was the PM's claim, not mine.
@ Political blog ... If you'd get off your high horse you would see that I was citing the PM, and that in other matters I try to be even handed. But I'd be pleased to learn what you and others who talk so much about democracy were (a) doing in 2000 and 1987 and (b) how you would like democracy to operate in the future.
@ Rodney ... Agree.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Open mind ... I forgot. I have another article on Namosi that will be published on Tuesday. It answers further questions.
Anonymous said…
Open your eyes is urging others to open their eyes when he has opted to close his own eyes. There is none so blind as those who have eyes and yet not see! The so-called champions of democracy are shameless destroyers of democracy in Fiji. They are cowards who showed their bravado when they marched hand in hand with the Army. Today, they peek from their burrows, looking for opportunity to bounce back with the Chiefs in tow.
sara'ssista said…
Such smarmy retorts to people opposed to the regime have to cop and invited to respond by Croz to defend their stance and explain what they were doing in 2000 and 1987? What garbage. As if others who feel coups of any kind are unnecessary and deplore military thuggery are needing to explain themselves. We, CRoz, do not accept your flexible logic that you need to break some heads and round up opponents arbitrarily to create democratic reform. With apologists like you, who go to any length to criticize deplorable acts from this regime only to go further with a 'but'...and then conveniently group opponents together with the 'anti government' tag rather than as you well know 'anti regime' tag, you have given some comfort and demonstrated breathtaking hypocrisy from your arm chair in NZ where happily none of your concessions to the regime, affect you at all.
stubbed toe said…
How long does it take these whingers who stubbed their toe running from their own shadow to get over it? 1987 is a long time ago girls?
The One-eyed Man is King in the Valley of the Blind! said…

"In the Valley of the Blind the One-eyed Man is King".

A very well known quotation from the writer and seer H.G. Wells. We should think of this before we spout out about those who appear to be physically blind. It has NOTHING to do with the powers of the intellect nor the capacity to 'see' the truth. Those of us who are deaf may assert so.

If you are more interested in Lies than The Truth, by all means 'spout on'! It is the Liars, the Corruptors and those who consort with Terrorists that have our interest. We know many of them, we may speak out about most of them. Not one may rest in peace. A time of reckoning is coming and the witnesses are becoming less fearful day by day. There will be no 'turning the back' and dashing off to Lau or to Tonga for such persons. No hiding on the largesse of the Australian or New Zealand more. Not EVER AGAIN! The terrorized shall at last have their say without fear. They will have this freedom because their freedom to do so will be secured.

The One-Eyed are winning through on this one. Compensation will be made to all the fearful and to innocents terrorized. Those who abdicated upon their duty and responsibility, paid for by the State to secure us, will continue to be brought to account. Their legacies will be challenged in the Court of Justice and Truth.
Anonymous said…
Hi Croz

Because Newcrest are studying the development of Namosi, you should automatically assume that it will be a bad thing.

All mining companies still bear the scars of bougainville (problems tailings discharge and royalty distributions)and Ok Tedi when the Ok Ma dam collapsed.

There are many important requirements that the Company will need to meet tailings discharges being one of them. Each issue needs to be dealt with in an appropriate manner and through an EIS/SIA.

Done properly (Hidden Valley is a recent example)any development could be of significant benefit

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