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Flooding Update

Six people are now confirmed dead and 3,450 people are sheltering in 74 evacuation centres. A State of Emergency has been declared in the worst affected areas. Ba residents say the flood is the worst in living memory, far worse than 2009.The PM has appealed to citizens to offer financial support. Donations may be deposited with any branch of the Bank of the South Pacific.  NZ has given $350,000 to the Fiji Red Cross and the US and Vodafone have each donated $50,000 in aid assistance..

Where is the PM?
"Aid" from the anti-government bloggers continues with inferences of government neglect and incompetency. Just what the country needs at this time. An anonymous  Doubting Thomas (they are all anonymous and they all say much the same thing) asks why the PM was not there, in the flooded area.

Now hear this, "Tomasi"! From Nadi today the PM said:

"To all those affected by the flooding, the prayers and thoughts of all Fijians are with you-especially the families of those lost in this tragic weather. Emergency services continue to be on full alert to support the affected areas, and Government is closely monitoring the weather situation as we begin planning recovery. Thanks should go to everyone who has worked tirelessly though the last few days to provide assistance during this challenging time, including our generous friends and neighbours. I ask that the public continue to take precaution against the weather and be mindful of the dangers that still exist." The Prime Minister will conduct an extensive tour of the affected areas in coming days.

FijiToday has taken a downturn lately.  I wonder if there has been a change of editors or publishers. They also joined Tomasi:

Where is our “Leader”.

by fijitoday
A good leader would be touring the flooded areas offering support and driving recovery effort. He is quick to use his authoritarian powers to drive anything else that he wants. The people of Fiji need more from a leader. Show some sign that you care!


Proud Fijian said…

Two words 'Help self'

Fijians are out helping. That's the attitude of previous governments which has been translated to the people. Where is the Aid? What will I get?

I remember Islands in the Lau group back in the 90's after a cyclone. There was minimal damage but they got food supplies that lasted months and months. People were opening cans of Tuna for breakfast - a can per person. Dhal was wasted as they didn't know how to cook it until months later when an 'Indian' man came on to the island. What a waste of money!

Fijians attitude should change!

Not 'Look North' ------ 'Help Self'
Anonymous said…
Wait a minute..the floodwaters have not yet receded and they expect the PM to swim through it to go shake a few hands in Ba or Nadi? These critics are from overseas, they dont know first hand what the flood situation is but are keen to score a miserable political point. BTW, wasnt the President in Nadi yesterday? Even when the floodwaters were still there?
Cicero said…
It is high time an embargo was placed on the purchase of alcohol in Fiji by LPO. No taxpayer-funded alcohol or food should be used for whatever purpose at this time while people are wet, homeless, hungry and increasingly anxious about the updated weather forecasts. More rain is expected within three days. It may be heavy and prolonged.

If it takes the ABC to tell us this in clear language, so be it. A multiplicity of News and Information should be available to all Fijians, investors, residents and taxpayers. Then, they shall make up their own minds based on a variety of source material. That is what mature, moderate, liberally- inclined minds do anywhere in an evolved and modern world where knowledge is free and available to all. BBC, ABC, Radio NZ, Al Jazeera whatever. Listen, compare and come to our own conclusions. To restrict access is to put a curb on evolved thought. What species of elite may arrogate a monopoly of ideas to themselves?
Who dares impose a 'One mode of thinking suits all'? My way is the only way? This is the road to ruin!
Boats and Helicpters said…
@ Wait a minute.....

No but we do expect helicopters to be out and about assessing the damage from the air and reassuring the people that substantial help is on the way even as the event is unfolding. Not too much - our taxation over many years requires modern and reliable disaster capacity, funds on hand to deal with immediate relief efforts and boats. Inflatable boats are surely the minimum requirement on flooding rivers? In 2009 there were none. So? Three years have passed.
Walker Texas Ranger said…
Is it not interesting to note at this particular time that an outboard engine was given last April to be raffled and tickets were sold for it. This raffle was never drawn and the engine was allegedly offered for sale by text message?

Now this outboard engine might have proven very useful last week in a particular place. All it needed was an inflatable dinghy to be attached to and....Hey Presto! A River Patrol and Flood Evacuation vehicle. But, we do persist in going about things in quite the wrong way. Anyone been brought to book......yet? If not....WHY NOT?
Anonymous said…
The commander is with mere samisoni, trying to get some free bread for the victims of the flooding. What do you think the pm is harry potter lol
Anonymous said…
@ Boats & Helicopters

So do you know how many helicoptrs are there in the Fiji government inventory? Zilch! The Rabuka government crashed the Fiji government helicopters into the sea many years ago.

So where then would the helicopters you refer to come from? You obviously live overseas and are not fully aware of the situation in Fiji. Talk is cheap!

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