Amended Act 'big Leap' from PER, Says Union

Frederica Elbourne in the Fiji Times
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

THE amended Public Order Act, although amended and perceived as more restrictive than it was, is still a big leap from the Public Emergency Regulations in the positive direction, the Fiji Teachers Union said yesterday following a meeting between the police and union heads.
Union representative Agni Deo Singh said he was hopeful freedom of expression and freedom of association would be fully restored in the face of progress.
Chief operations officer ACP Police Henry Brown confirmed the meeting with members of some 20 unions in Suva. He said the gathering was to discuss processes and procedures of conducting union meetings as governed under the Public Order Act.
He said part of the meeting involved discussions on the shift in authority wherein the Police Commissioner and his divisional commanders have full powers to issue permits and stop union meetings.
Those who attended the meeting which Mr Brown led, included representatives of the Fiji Taxi Union, the Fiji Teachers Union, the Fiji Bank Employees Union, the Fiji Bus Operators Union and the Fiji Nursing Union.
The Suva City Council Staff Association representative and Fiji Taxi Union general secretary Rishi Ram hailed the meeting and said it was a relief to now hold meetings without the need for a permit.
Mr Ram said the only time a permit would be warranted was during annual general meetings or meetings in places, particularly other towns, that did not serve as the union's fixed address.
"There can be no political meetings and if I am to go to Labasa or Lautoka or elsewhere to meet with my union members, I will need a permit," he said.
"And I'm glad they've clarified the matter. Now we know so there really isn't any excuse."


Pike said…
How can there be a Fiji Bank Employees Union anymore when they are covered under the Essential Services Decree ? I though Pramod and team where thankfully gone.....given they used their time and our money for NFP business.
Mopping up the mess said…
Its over Croz. Accept it. The rest is just mopping up. And if they resist, it will be like Gaddafi.
jt said…
@mopping up

they meaning the union?

they meaning the NGOs?

They meaning the people of Fiji?

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