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A Rebuttal of Dr Wadan Narsey's Arguments on the Validity of the Lowy Poll

By Crosbie Walsh

As predicted, those who were disappointed with the results of the Lowy Institute/Tebbutt poll — which found two-thirds of those sampled supportive of the Bainimarama government — have found fault with polls or the poll methodology as a means of accurately determining people's opinions.

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that. 
Check List Just like a boat that carries passengers and  an aircraft that is checked each time it lands, road public service vehicles should also have rules and requirements to follow.  . If we would use safety checks similar to those used with boats and aircraft for all vehicles, and especially buses, we would bring down the possibility of buses burning or going out of control because of failed breaks or some other mechanical issue. Aircraft engineers have checklists for their aircraft.  Can we introduce this for buses with lists  submitted to the Land Transport Authority every month. All defects found  would be listed and a note made on how they were fixed. If  buses  are checked regularly…

Full Report of the Lowy Institute on Fiji

This is a  link to the full report, replete with graphics. A quick download from the  Institute's website.

FICTU Press Release on the Lowy Institute Poll

This is a link to the release signed by Attar Singh.  Click here.

The Forum Communique

This is what was stated on Fiji and here is a  link to the full communique


30. Leaders acknowledged the Forum’s ongoing work to encourage and support Fiji’s return to parliamentary democracy in accordance with the Leaders’ mandates and the Biketawa Declaration, cognisant of the Leaders’ decisions at Port Moresby and Cairns in 2009, and Port Vila in 2010. � West Papua ignored, Fiji poll condemned as Forum leaders emerge � West Papua ignored, Fiji poll condemned as Forum leaders emerge
Insistence on "democracy" in Fiji but not for West Papua.
Tuilaepa and Gillard dismiss polls results.

Their logic is on a par with that of a reader who wrote: "Unlocking the Fiji Situation":

Not interested Croz. Like the Lowy Institute, you have lost your credibility and your mojo.

Unlocking the Fiji Situation

Auckland University radio host Jon Armistead conducted two interviews "in the interests of balance" on Fiji and the Pacific today, one with Keith Locke, the other with Croz Walsh. Listen to what they both said.


Graham Davis's take on the Lowy Institute poll, with new information on its sponsor, a corporate Fiji-born Australian, and its supervision, by "respected Australian pollster, Sol Lebovic, the retired chairman of Newspoll."

The People Have Spoken: Poll Methodology Sound

Wow!! This has really put the cat among the pigeons. I had to pinch myself when I read the news. And my guess is that whatever they say publicly, John Key and Julia Gillard will still be pinching themselves.
An independent poll has shown two-thirds of Fiji adults think Bainimarama is doing a “good job” as Prime Minister and that Fiji is heading in the “right direction.” And that from both major races. These were the opinions of 75% of Indo-Fijians polled and 60% of ethnic Fijians. In December 2008 only 48% thought so highly of Bainimarama and the ethnic divide (Indo-Fijians 64%; ethnic Fijians 35%) was quite wide. Nearly three years on, he has nearly doubled his support among ethnic Fijians.
Further, while most Fijians have warm feelings towards Australia and NZ, over eighty percent think they should lift sanctions and leave Fiji to sort out its own problems. Over 76% disagree with Fiji's suspension from the Commonwealth and 79% with its suspension from the Pacific Forum. So her…

Independent Poll Shows Bainimarama Government Has Clear Support Majority: Forum Leaders Take Note.

Pre-Forum Words by Crosbie Walsh

It's has already started but before the 40th Pacific Forum meeting closes on Thursday there's sure to be more.  The media has Pacific Islands leaders apparently saying one thing while meaning another, quite unlike their host New Zealand that has never changed its tune. I find the inferences a little patronising.

PACER-Plus in trouble as trade advisor resigns

Islands Business - Forum: PACER-Plus in trouble as trade advisor resigns

The difficulties of working without Fiji  are all too apparent.

Fiji Casts Shadow on Pacific Forum Meeting: Callick

See The Australian's  Rowan Callick's take on the Pacific Forum, and his focus on the Australian interests involved.  Link.

Testing the Strength of the Fiji Government Opposition

"Hundreds" protest ... including a "handful" of expat Fijians

Rallies were held in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Wellington over the weekend, bringing together trade unionists, Amnesty International, church leaders and overseas itaukei to protest recent  Fiji government's alleged abuses of human rights, in particular actions against trade unions and the Methodist Church.

"Prevent people praying"?
In Canberra, United Church mininster Rev.Gregor Henderson spoke of the denial of human freedoms.  "There are problems in Fiji but the way to solve those difficulties is not to repress civil rights, not to lock people up, not to prevent people from having meetings, not to prevent people praying, for God's sake!"

Special MSG Leaders' Summit Communique Release

Saturday, 3 September 2011, 3:53 pm
Press Release: Melanesian Spearhead Group

"Calls for Fiji to be Restored to Pacific Forum" — by Michael Field

Nine of the Pacific's 16 nations have called for Fiji to have its membership of the Pacific Forum restored.

Bainimarama Sums Up Engaging with the Pacific Meeting

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has billed the 2nd Engaging with the Pacific meeting a success. He said they had managed to cover a lot of ground and there were many common challenges that required them to consolidate their energies and efforts to resolving them as regional grouping. The two-day meeting at Nadi’s Tanoa International Hotel ended yesterday.

Our folly over Fiji — by Whaleoil

Our folly over Fiji —

I have repeatedly blogged about the country of my birth, Fiji, and how New Zealand through utter hypocrisy has treated them. Along with Australia our successive governments have decided to wag our collective fingers at Fiji and tell them how.