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Peter Ponders the Fiji National Provident Fund Reforms

Would readers please direct all their FNPF comments to this posting.
A reader “Peter” made these comments. I thought they’d get lost in the NEWS posting so I’m publishing them as a separate item and invite comment. I have added, at the end, correspondence between Ross MacDonald who opposes the proposed changes and Ajith Kodagoda of the FNPF.  Readers should note that this blog has no position on the proposed changes but it is concerned that they are not used by anti-Government forces for their own political purposes.  I suspect that had history been otherwise and the SDL were still in power, they would have been facing  similar hard decisions today.

See also this letter in the Fiji Sun.  I'm told there's also one by Rick Rickman. Would someone please sent it to me. I can't find it on Fiji Sun on line.

Paradise in Turmoil: Twenty Years of Military Coups and Implications on Democracy and Development

Dr Tupeni Baba's Speech to the University of Guam, June 8, 2011

Four Horses for Courses: Chaudhry, Mara, Singh, Baba

By Crosbie WalshThe phrase, horses for courses, stems from the fact that a racehorse performs best on a racecourse specifically suited to it (Wiktionary)  but what happens when the jockey jumps horses?
People who change their minds because they have been backing the wrong principles or practices are to be applauded, but people who change their minds when they think they are backing the “wrong horse” inevitably arouse suspicion, especially when they change not one horse but two, or even four.  Sometimes, of course, people are most probably motivated by a confused mixture of principles and horses.  

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