$16m more for health - Fiji Times Online

$16m more for health - Fiji Times Online


Wonderer said…
Bula Mr Walsh.
Apologies that is on a subject unrelated to the $16m more for health posting.
What do you make of those leaked documents on C4.5 purporting to substantiate claims that mobile phone and landline calls are being bugged and that Military Intelligence was somehow able to access text messages?
Accessing text messages could just mean that they got hold of the phone and just scrolled through it looking for incriminating texts. Or it could mean that they have the capability to remotely intercept and read text messages.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Wonderer ... It's difficult to know when to take Coup4.5 claims seriously but their record shows they are more often wrong than right.

I'm no expert on bugging, but I've no doubt the technology exists and is used in many countries, and this includes the NZ police and intelligence, when they are given the legal authority.

The questions are: does it exist in Fiji? Is it being used? How effectively is it being used? Who is using it? What are they doing with it?

It is possible it exists in Fiji. I don't think Vodafone is involved. The military is the most likely user. Its use is likely to be limited (targetted) and so far there's no evidence of it being used.

The material recently used by Coup4.5 was supposed to have been saved from a shreader by a staff member who must have passed it on to Coup4.5. No bugging is required if you've got a human bugger (please excuse me) in the right government offices.

There has been some previous discussion on this topic. More is welcome from people with genuine inside knowledge or technical knowhow.

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