Ro Teimumu Beaten, Not Beaten: Coup4.5 Again Unscrambles its Eggs

From Coup 4.5, Sunday,November 20, 2011, 11am.
Insiders: Rewa chief arrested and beaten
The chief of Rewa chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa, has been taken into the QEB army camp this morning.
She was arrested at her home.
Initial reports indicate she has been beaten.
The information about the Gone Marama Bale has come from intel sources.
This morning's arrest follows an address from Ro Teimumu Kepa about the province's continued anti-stance against the regime's Peoples Charter.

From Coup 4.5, Sunday, November 20, 2011, 2:40pm.
Ro Teimumu Kepa safe at home
Have just received confirmation from other sources including her family just a short time ago that the story of Ro Teimumu Kepa being arrested and beaten is not true.
The information had come from a source from within Queen Elizabeth Barracks who has in the past been reliable and it was confirmed twice by him (my italics).
There is genuine fear though, that the outspokenness and obvious wide support for the Rewa chief puts her at risk.
On Friday there was an obvious military presence in the Rewa delta.

Ed.Comment: Whatever that means. Fear? Yes. Ro Teimumu promoted it by saying she expected to be arrested. Outspoken?Her address was provocative but she said nothing she has not already said many times before? Widespread support? Possibly, but at least one of Rewa's 9 tikina (and 13 other provinces) disagree with her.
The bigger question, which I will tackle later this week, is who does she actually speak for in Rewa, and whether (as a modern, educated and presumably democratically-inclined chief), she has ever asked those she "speaks for" what they think? Previously, she has said chiefs know what is best for the people. They don't need to ask for the people's opinions — and something of that attitude came across in her address to the Provincial Council meeting. With so much supposed support from Rewa, it is well to recall how narrowly she was elected as chairperson!, And how divided her own family is in its attitude to the Bainimarama Government.
Fiji is a divided country. Rewa is a divided province. The challenge is to forge a national unity of purpose that will see all citizens treated fairly, irrespective of their race, religion, class, or social or traditional status. Ro Teimumu seeks to turn the clock back to before 2006 when the interests of the ethnic Fijian elite were paramount and where the Great Council of Chiefs exercised more political influence than would be normally acceptable in a democracy.

Comment from a reader:
"It's hard to imagine a more egregious journalistic lapse in the Fiji context than to report that a high chief is under arrest and being beaten only to withdraw that report three long hours later.

"The social mayhem that could have been triggered by this doesn't bear thinking about, except perhaps that Ro Temumu Kepa's bati may no longer be willing to go in to bat for her.

"There seems no end to the appalling behaviour of these people at 4.5. Let's just hope that ordinary indigenous Fijians aren't as stupid as they're being treated by some of their own people."

Ed. Comment. Perhaps Coup4.5 will be more cautious about their "reliable" sources of information in the future. They get it wrong as many times, or more times, as they get it right. And perhaps the international media will be even more cautious in using Coup4.5 as a source.


Anonymous said…
Coup 4.5 has proved yet again that it should not be trusted and that it is not for democracy but for the restoration of those who were removed in Dec 2006 coup. It is irresponsible, racist and voice of the vocal and mischievous minority. And yet, Australian newspapers recognise it as the credible source for information. Obviously, Ro Kepa is no democrat and believes that ordinary iTaukei need not be consulted and the chiefs are the wise people to decide for them. This is an affront to iTaukei intelligence and obviously, with such views one can safely assume that her stand for democracy is farcical. If chiefs were really people of wisdom and compassion, Fiji would not have suffered successive coups. Ratu Mara, her brother-in-law, would have gracefully retired and not in fear of the guns directed at him and his family through the so-called wise chiefs of Fiji! As a rule the Provincial Councils should not be chaired by chiefs and they should not even be members because their presence impedes democratic participation and stifles free expression of views. iTaukei protocol dissuade free expression of views in front of chiefs.
Light Years from Liberty said…
@ Croz:

No Unscrambling of eggs....just more of the same: lies and deception and not unlike the Fiji Times under Hunter, Hannah and Netani Rika with Margaret Wise putting in her five cents for 'Freedom and Democracy'. While people were driven off the land, roadblocks were erected on the Queen's Highway with illegal tolls demanded by dissolute, reprobate rebels. The hangers on are similar, the Auld Refrains are similar. Light years away from Liberty.
Anonymous said…
Interesting, but note you did not report the actual speech? Instructions from Ms Smith-Johns?
Croz Walsh said…
@ Anonymous ... Look at Friday's posting, then eat your words. Wouldn't you find it a little insulting if I said all your thoughts come from Mere Samisoni or someone else? Yes. Then please withdraw your reference to Sharon Smith-Johns, and apologize to me for judging this blog too hastily.
sister saras said…
C4.5 and FDFM are simply flogging a dead horse. LQ will never ever come back as PM or even MP(member of parliament). Logically, FDFM is null and void for supporting a former PM who is of the opinion that "DEMOCRACY IS A FOREIGN FLOWER". OZ & NZ govts are aware of this, hence no recognition of FDFM whatsoever. In fact NZ will go to polls soon and a large chunk of ex-Fijians will have a huge say in the final result. My guess is, John Key will change his tune on Fiji, but voters beware, nothing is cast in stone. Might as well get rid of Key and start with a clean slate.
sara'ssista said…
I would have thought fijians in NZ are ex-fijians for a reason?, i don't think there is a reasonable person who thinks former fijian change governments or effect the outcomes of elections in NZ. It must be refreshhing for them that they actually get to vote for their government and not treated as easily manipulated, ignorant hicks who need to be ruled, because yo can't trust them at the voting booth.
Walker Texas Ranger said…
Has it ever occurred to any of us how frequently those who 'Stand Up to be Counted' are then cast down because of alleged sexual impropriety or alleged criminal conduct? The Law is the same for all.

Apply the law.
Anonymous said…
What is needed is a review-reform of the Fijian Chiefly system, which might include elections, (say- nominated from tribe but elected by all residents of province ,etc,. )term of rule (say 4 yrs x 2 terms) ,
rules for impeachment and possible removal.

In this way, the person shall not damage the "position". We have one God, no need for individuals in the community thinking they are also Gods walking amongst men, with special entitlment to commit crimes against lower classes of people.

The people have no need for the law which does not judge allege, greed, selfishness, arrogance, to determine the behaviuor of their Chief for Life, but a vote and a limited term lets the people be the Judge, as it should be.

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