Temm Again Told Come See for Yourself


“The comments made by the President of the New Zealand Law Society, Jonathan Temm, are obtuse, lack any substance, and it is clear that he is seriously misinformed on events in Fiji.”
This was the response from Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum referring to statements made by the President of the New Zealand Law Society in an article in the Fairfax media earlier today.

“Temm and members of the New Zealand Law Society have been repeatedly invited to Fiji in order to meet members of the legal profession, including the Fijian Chief Justice in order to decide for themselves the true situation with regard to the rule of law in Fiji and the introduction of modern and just laws. Instead, Temm prefers to rely on hearsay and exaggerated opinions, not to mention untruthful reporting by sections of the New Zealand media.”

“Freedom of religion continues to be respected in Fiji. At no time has anybody been prevented from attending or entering or praying, including in churches.”

“Temm suggests that the four foreigners including 2 New Zealanders that died recently were victims of lawlessness claiming that they died in unexplained circumstances. This is a lie. Temm needs to verify his facts simply by checking with the Police. The hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Fiji on a daily basis will be able to tell Temm that Fiji is a safe, attractive and peaceful holiday destination for everybody, including New Zealanders. The increased growth in tourism numbers in particular from Australia and New Zealand is a testimony to this.”

“If Temm had bothered to investigate some of these outrageous claims for himself instead of relying on untruths from sections of the New Zealand media or politically motivated individuals from Fiji, he would know, inter alia, that the Fiji Law Society has not closed, there was no arson attack on its premises, no professors were removed by the Fijian Government, and all people, including New Zealanders, have equal access to the law in Fiji.”

“If Temm or members of the New Zealand Law Society are truly interested in knowing the facts about Fiji, I suggest they take up the Solicitor-General’s invitation and visit Fiji for themselves.”


jambalaya said…
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on".
Winston Churchill
With electronic media, lies travels twice around the globe, before truth even thinks about putting any pants on.
sister saras said…
Every Tom, Dick & Harry seems to be an expert on issues in relation to Fiji, except those who actually live there. The Lowy poll has certainly upset many people, those people have been proven wrong, and it is a bitter pill for them to swallow. These polls are always on the mark. Just accept the truth and get on with life man. The Fijians do know what is best for them, which is reflected in the poll. Give them a chance. Stick your democracy where the sun dont shine, for now. It will come in 2014.
Events in Fiji said…
My understanding of events in Fiji is that the democratically elected government was deposed by military thugs with guns in a coup. As a result the country is now controlled by a military junta that has suppressed freedom of association by a PER and applied censorship to the media? Please correct me if any of these points are wrong?
sister saras said…
@Events in Fiji
You are absolutely correct in saying that. What is also true is that after the SP8 coup of 2000, Frank put LQ in the driver's seat to steer Fiji in the right direction. I really dont want to sound like a parrot, we all know what was going on under the guise of democracy.
Anonymous said…
The military did Fiji a favour. They kicked out a corrupt government whose leader could not provide a unifying vision for Fiji. It was a government controlled by a small and corrupt cabal of urban Fijians, supported by some chiefs and the Methodist Church, who had their snouts deep in the trough. It was agovernment that spruiked the idea that indigenous Fijians had special God-given rights that entitled them to have privileged access to the economy. Ethnic minorities were marginalised in the greater scheme of things. We (Fiji) was heading down the slippery slope of ethnic polarisation supported by the government in power which was messing with peoples future. They deserved to be turfed out.
Proud Fijian said…
@Events in Fiji
As far I understand 65% of Fiji support this government. Fiji's foreign reserves continues to increase. Fiji's tourism numbers increasing. Increasing investors coming to Fiji showing confidence. This shows this government is on right path economically. Please correct me if this is wrong?
Anonymous said…
There are many Temm's pontificating with their heads in the sand. Fiji has endured the propaganda war waged relentlessly by Australia and New Zealand and it is now emerging victorious. Nine of the fourteen PIF members (excluding bullies Australia and New Zealand) were favourable towards Fiji's inclusion in the PIF. Where is democracy in the PIF? What kind of democracy Australia and New Zealand are talking about. It is nothing but neocolonoliasm mindset of these Pacific bullies who think that the islanders cannnot govern without their wisdom, guidance and assistance. In a true democracy, the PIF should have freely canvassed the views of the members, allowed free flow of views and taken a majority decision. But no, there are many ways to skin the cat and PIF just did not allow Fiji to come on the agenda, yet a majority had indicated support for inclusion of Fiji in the PIF. Democracy has always been hijacked, using devious tactics and John Key played similar tricks, aware that Fiji had a majority support. If PIF is not a democratic body itself, as every such body should prove itself through its actions, what right has it got to dictate on Fiji?
sara'ssista said…
Oh we are so misunderstood. I have heard the same from Burma, Zimbabwe, China, North Korea and Iran. Good company.
Anonymous said…
@ sara'ssista

Dunno where you coming from with that remark. Fiji is not claiming it is being misunderstood. It is stating clearly that it is now looking elsewhere for friends who are not 'hypocrites' - playing their silly little games eg PIF needing to get Fiji involved with Pacer Plus on the one hand, but stifling Fiji on the other. Talk about doublespeak! The sooner Fiji kicks the PIF out of Fiji the better. When it does that, we will all assemble at the Nasese sea wall and sing 'Isa Lei' as they (PIF Secretariat) sail off into the sunset towards Canberra or Wellington...maybe even Apia (heaven forbid)

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