PACER-Plus in trouble as trade advisor resigns

Islands Business - Forum: PACER-Plus in trouble as trade advisor resigns

The difficulties of working without Fiji  are all too apparent.


Media rubbish NZ & Fiji said…
Croz - You are quick to point out when the NZ media get it wrong and fair enough. How about this for a example of the complete rubbish being served up in FIJI !!!!!!

Publish date/time: 06/09/2011 [08:47]

Everybody should know that our rights are protected in Fiji.

Fiji Human Rights Commission representative Laisiasa Rogoyawa said they have organised workshops in villages and schools to educate the public on the nature and content of human rights.

Rogoyawa said under the Human Rights Commission Decree, the Commission has the power to investigate allegations of human rights violations and unfair discrimination matters.

Story by: Watisoni Butabua

No mention that the right to assembly, the right of free speech and the right of free media do not exist in Fiji. Also that no one can challange any decision of this government and the HRC will not entertain any compliants against government, PM or military.

This type of complete rubbish needs to be highligted on your site as well please.
Proud Fijian said…
Freedom is not total. Freedom is restricted in the sense that your freedom does not encroach on the freedom of others.

The Freedom of speech is not total You cannot be allowed to say whatever you want to say. Whatever you say should not cause harm or limit or impair the freedom of others.

People can meet but what they discuss in their meetings can cause harm to others.

Unionist have the freedom to members of unions and protect their employees but they should understand that freedom is limited in that it should not cause harm on the freedom of others.

The unionists campaign to stop tourists coming to this country is impeading the freedom of other workers in the country to employment, food and health care.

You rights or Freedom is not Total.
Balanced Media said…
Nobody who has ever read the Guardian, New York Times, Le Monde or Zeit would argue the fact that New Zealand media is - by international standards - of poor quality. It has to do with market size, general level of education and the inward looking nature of an island nation at the end of the world, And I would certainly agree that Fiji Times was a lot worse than NZ papers even before censoring started under the Fiji military regime. To argue, however, that NZ media is as bad as the ridiculous nonsense that we read and hear in Fiji these days borders the insane, I can indeed voice my opinion in New Zealand without fear of retribution by Mr Key. I do not have to look over my shoulder when I vent my feelings about the government of the day in a pub. Apologizing the brutal crack down on any civil rights in Fiji by pointing out that NZ and Aussi media do get things wrong conveniently overlooks the fact that they get it right about Fiji - most of the time.
Who is in trouble said…
It would appear the only thing in trouble is the military junta? The Engaging with the junta meeting achieved exactly what was expected by those who understand logic and reality. Zero. At the Forum meeting in NZ it has been determined that the status quo for Fiji remains (ie excluded) until the junta demonstrates progress towards return to democracy and freedom. So no Forum and no RWC. Time for us all to accept the reality and move on, don't you think?
flyhalf said…
After the resignation of the Trade Advisor, Dr. Noonan; this PACER Plus and any other Aust/NZ led(multi-lateral)free trade agreements in the Pacific is truly dead in the water.

Ross Perot's famous quote on North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): "The Great Sucking Sound" has now found some
basis for Pacific dissent.

Memo to Aust/NZ: Exclude Fiji at your peril in Pacific trade.
Walker Texas Ranger said…
"The Great Sucking Sound" may be heard because those who should and ought to show responsibility towards a region in peril, choose to abdicate on this responsibility or to procrastinate in a totally dilatory and unwarranted manner. We are on the decks of the 'Titanic' - for God's sake: Save all Souls and do your duty. We shall remember you all not like the band that so diligently 'played on' but as those who bickered and prevaricated in the face of:

387 Completed Suicides
Over 600 Attempted Suicides

since 2006. The numbers are now made public. Quite rightly too! Save our Souls - but better now, save our people! How many more must perish in hopelessness and utter despair?

No different from 2000/2001 and 2002. You should interest yourselves in these statistics. They were mostly good people who were 'sold out'. Now the South Pacific Region sells out on them once more?

And where are the Parliamentarians who assembled at the Fiji Mocambo in March 2000? Do any of you know or even care about this desperate loss of human life?

It is time to measure up; to stand for something by action and let those who die know that they are cared about. The useless levelling and apportioning of blame is sickening amidst the slaughter of the forgotten?

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