Fiji Casts Shadow on Pacific Forum Meeting: Callick

See The Australian's  Rowan Callick's take on the Pacific Forum, and his focus on the Australian interests involved.  Link.


Anonymous said…
"And past form shows that despite the applause Bainimarama wrings from island leaders in Fiji, they are reluctant to expend political capital on pushing his interests at larger international gatherings, especially at a meeting of the forum that features several new leaders stepping up to the international stage for the first time."

In other words for all FB's noise and the local press claiming massive support for Frank from the MSG, when they all arive at the forum they will be quiet.
Anonymous said…
Gillard has a lot more on her plate on the national scene, and perhaps the best thing for her to do is, change her approach towards Fiji as the smart sanctions have not worked. This is her best chance to keep the Chinese in check by lending support to Fiji. Aust will be going to polls in 2013 if not earlier, and for Gillard, every vote is important and I dont think it will be wise for her to upset the silent majority(ex-Fijians) again when there is a perfect opportunity to build those all important bridges.
yea yea said…
The forum will accept Fiji back when it is again a democracy. I think it is fair to say it would also entertain some interim solution when fiji shows concrete evidence it is working towards democracy but as it stands it has shown very little real progress.
triple jump said…

democracy yada, yada yada...keep buying your morning wanna-be Starbucks coffee in styroform cups made in china. Don't burn your lip.

@shadow jumping,

Ground hog day or those who even suggest anyone is hopping, skipping or jumping.

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