Auckland Readers : Urgent Notice

Large Crowd expected for BULA FESTIVAL this weekend. 

Celebrate Fijian culture in Auckland by visiting this free festival which will include Fijian Entertainment, Delicious Food, Fijian Art and Craft and more.
Everybody who has travelled to Fiji in any capacity would know what "BULA" means – it is the traditional and warm Fijian greeting.

This weekend’s Bula Festival 2011 will celebrate the Fijian cultures in Auckland and is an important part of the planned activities at the Auckland Fiji Village for the World Cup Rugby.

Ellerslie is the adopted town of the Fijian rugby team and BULA FESTIVAL 2011 will be the highlight of the planned celebrations.

The venue is ONE TREE HILL COLLEGE, 451 Great South Road,Penrose and takes place this weekend on Saturday 24th of September (Time: 10am - 8pm).

Organisers expect a large crowd to attend with free entry, free parking, over 40 food and craft stalls, Fijian entertainment, an arts and handicraft display and numerous amusement rides.

The event will have various food stalls including traditional Fijian Food, Fijian Indian and Fijian Chinese dishes available. 

"This is the only large Fiji themed / Pacific Style outdoor festival being organised during RWC celebrations and we expect a fun filled family day that will showcase Fijian culture to Auckland and the world," says the event’s organiser (and sponsor) Radio Tarana.

"The entertainment planned is very special including a one hour performance at 2pm by the FIJI POLICE BAND.

This 40 member troupe has travelled all the way from Fiji courtesy of Fiji Tourism and they should not be missed.

This performance will be the highlight of Bula Festival 2011 and will add colour to the other entertainment planned on the FIJI Stage.

Other entertainment includes performances of the Fijian Warrior Dance, Fijian Meke, Fijian Indian dances and various other cultural items.

"We are also delighted with the Fijian art and handicraft display at Bula Festival 2011.

Vuku Limited in conjunction with the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs are hosting some of the top Fijian arts and handicraft artists at the event.

30 artists have travelled from Fiji  to display their unique Fijian arts and craft. We anticipate great interest in the diverse work of these talented Fijian artists," added the organisers. 

Everybody is welcome and encouraged to celebrate Fiji in Auckland this Saturday from 10am onwards at One Tree Hill College. BULA!! 

For Further information, contact Linda Christian on (021) 2491386 or email  or visit


No military said…
How wonderful to have Fijians celebrating freedom in their country without the presence of the military who are banned from NZ. Hopefully soen indo-Fijians will be present as well to support those wanting their nation to returen to freedom, democracy and the rule of law?
Fark Fanning said…
What sort of freedom, democracy and rule of law are you talking about?

Like the racist regime of Qarase and his 39 ministers ?

I prefer the present setup to corrupt and racist governments we have had in the past !!
Anonymous said…
@ No Military

Obviously you have not been to Fiji recently i.e. since 2006. You sound like a broken record by the Key-McNutty duet, both of whom rely on Michael Field and others for their info on Fiji. Indo=Fijians now are no longer being raped and have their rights trampled upon like under under the Speight/Qarase regime. They see that the current regime under Frank is taking them forward.

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