Graham Davis's take on the Lowy Institute poll, with new information on its sponsor, a corporate Fiji-born Australian, and its supervision, by "respected Australian pollster, Sol Lebovic, the retired chairman of Newspoll."


sister saras said…
Frank is the greatest PM Fiji has ever seen. I am sure he will contest and win in 2014, and I sincerely hope he does. Who cares what he said in the past, we want him there, in the top job. Gillard will not make it past 2013 if not earlier, and John Key will be taken care of by ex-Fijians depending on the outcome of PIF. I can see that the incoming admin in OZ & NZ will be Bainimarama friendly. What a great leader we have in Frank Bainimarama. He stood up to all obstacles, viz. Howard, Downer, Rudd, Stephen Smith, Gillard, Helen Clark, Winston, John Key, McCully, Chiefs, Methodists, just to name a few. I am sure he will go down in the history books as "The father of modern Fiji, the way the world should be."
treason said…
More POPULAR than Gillard but still less POPULAR than Qarase. That is why he has to keep the PER in place all the way up to election day. He can't risk having opposition. He can't risk the truth about what he pays himself getting out. He can't risk going to jail for treason !
Anonymous said…
Oh it hurts!!! What a slap in the faces of the likes of C4.5 who keep saying that the people of Fiji want a change in govt. NO THEY DONT WANT A CHANGE. Take it on board. Fijians are happy with Bainimarama govt, end of story.
Anonymous said…
Yes a lot of people are happy but that does not excuse the treatmet given to some people.
Anonymous said…
Agree totally with the Lowy Institute Poll and posting of Sister Saras above. I recently spent 4 weeks in Fiji in the canefields of Ba/Tavua, remote Fijian villages, in the niteclubs of Suva and Nadi etc. The Lowy Poll is an accurate reflection of the majority of people of all races I spoke to. They look upon with great scorn those overseas-based members of the 'pro-democracy' movement. Most of their scorn was heaped against people like Roko Ului Mara and John Baledroka and his sidekick in Queanbeyan (his name escapes me for the moment). The opinion is very much against a political role for the Great Council of 'Thieves' (thats what they refer to them as). Same sentiment aganst the Methodist Church who, with the concurrence of the now washed-up and irrelevant Rabuka, were responsible for radicalizing Fijian ethno-nationalists who ex PM Qarase drew succour from.

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