14 Principles to End the Coup Culture

This is what Apisai Naisarani wrote on Facebook. Government has gone some way to bring about some of his recommendations and has others, such as electoral reforms, in its sights. On other recommendations, particularly on public participation in all aspects of governance, it has still a long way to go.

Apisai Naisarani 10:29am Sep 28
▪ Remove the political, economic and social conditions for coups and strengthen the
sanctions against coups.
▪ Build genuine national reconciliation through dialogue, forgiveness and appropriate
conflict resolution mechanisms for groups and individuals affected by coups.
▪ Redefine and clarify the role of the RFMF to ensure it is committed to defending the
▪ Transform the role of public leadership.
▪ The Courts to be empowered to penalise including orders of dissolution of political
parties that engage in activities that breach important values of the Constitution.
▪ Improve ethnic relations at the personal, communal, institutional and national levels.
▪ Enlarge public accountability for national security.
▪ Implement electoral reforms.
▪ Strengthen the accountability and transparency of State institutions, the private sector
and civil society organisations in particular to enhance their adherence to the rule of
▪ Establish civic programmes to raise public awareness about the injustice and illegality
of coups and issues of democracy and good governance.
▪ Reform institutions and rehabilitate individuals and groups which are most prone to
being implicated in coups such as ethno‑nationalists and religious fundamentalists.
▪ Ensure a separation between religion and state.
▪ Facilitate greater public participation in all aspects of governance.
▪ Those found guilty of treason or coup related offences by a court of law be prohibited
from contesting elections for life.


Add this one said…
I would add..

"acknowlege and educate people about the distructive nature of ALL coups...including the 2006 military coup"
Actions please said…

It will always be hard for a government that came to power by way of a coup to have credibiity in "ending the coup culture". For a long time Frank even denied this was a coup and you could be taken to the barracks for even mentioning those words.

The problem this government continues to have is they are coup instigators amd every day we see them entrenching themselves (the military) further and further into seats of power. Just look to how many serving officers now hold public servant appointments as well. Look at the military control of the police. They even want to run sport !

It's a bit like saying I invaded France to make sure no one ever invades France again. It will never wash. It will take a new government and new generation to tackle this. The best this government can do it get to us to free and fair election, not participate in the elections (as they promised) and accept the outcome.

Sadly we don't see many signs of that happening.
umm said…
I like the last suggestion. This would mean no one currently in the military would be able to particpate in polictics for life given their coup was declared illegal.

But back to reality - as if Frank or his men will give up power and risk jail time now or in the future. Despite all their words they will put personal preservation ahead of country again and again. Frank is no Ghandi or Mandela.
Preventing coups said…
I've read some rot in this military junta supporting blog - this takes the cake.
Where does it say, or you acknowledge, that the one and only way to stop coups is have a professionally led military that understands its role in society and its responsibility to the legitimately elected government and the people of the nation?
You, and others who support Bainimarama's junta, are in fact perpetuating coups.
yea yea said…
Ending the coup culture...

Step 1. Revoke Rabuka's immunity. Let him face a independant court.

Step 2. Frank to face a indepentant court.

When all coup leaders including Frank are behind bars the message on coups will be clear to all.
Anonymous said…
One of the more ridiculous aims of this coup was to stop coups. By that they mean it was OK for them to take power by gun but no one should attempt to take power from them.

You simply can't have a coup that aims remove a coup culture.

The best way for the military to stop the coup culture would have been to have prevented Frank from carrying one out.
Ram Sami said…
Should have hanged Rabuka for treason !!
Public Money & 2014 said…
The Coup Culture will end when everyone no matter who they are or where they sit recognises that PUBLIC MONEY is just that: the property of the taxpayers of Fiji and no one else's. Elections will come in 2014 and the use of Public Money will be the only item on the Manifesto.
apisai said…
That piece is from the Peoples Charter and not designed by Apisai. The topic when that piece was pasted was the Charter... do some research please.

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