A Reader on the Fiji Methodist Leadership

We need to let those who live in Fiji to decided. The Methodist Church is not the voice of reason during these difficult days — as it had showed its true colours in the past. Why pick on the Catholics what about the other Religions in Fiji or the breakaway Methodist Groups! Whenever it is convinient we get those who seek to promote themselves for whatever agendas they have, get up and say stupid things. This is one of those occasions. 

Roko Ului-Please lets leave those who are in Fiji to sort the mess out.Roko Ului needs to have good look at himself fist before even "preaching" to those he left behind. He needs to get a grip on reality-it was the Methodist Church that supported the likes of Rabuka & others that followed, the Catholic Church has always stood for fairness and treated all citizens of Fiji equally-whilst our good old Methodist Church wanted a fragmented society — kept apart by racial divided, which would have kept the ordinary Fijians as "slaves" to a Colonial inheritence! Slaves to would be Chiefs and Slaves to those who would be "politicias" in the guise of Church Ministers!
If people think that thieving was going on in Govt one needs to ask the Methodist Leaders "where has all the money collected overseas for the last few years for the rebuilding of the Centenary Church gone". Thats funds now over $1million.Look at these Church Ministers now, one senior one changes his 4 wheel drive every year! And i challenge anyone to say i am lying!They dress up in suites even those who work in Business, Drs & lawyers can't afford-yet thet tell the ordinary people-don't be a"slave" to money! Hallelueyah-Praise Gods work!People in Fiji have finally had enough-Frank may be or may not be the answer but it sure beats the likes of other Govts that came before of note was the Qarase Govt! 
Maybe the Fijian people have become a bit wiser the last few years and realised that they were getting conned for too long by their so called Leaders? Has anyone thought of that, maybe the guilt of the wrongs that were done to others under our "Fijian advancement program" yeh good name only the children of the rich & well connected advanced & got scholarships has finally hit home, maybe they have just had enough of the "bull" and decided since we stuffed it up, we will clean it up.
Not Roko Ului-who swam for his life, not Baledrokadroka who has blood on his hands, not Daunitutu who no one knew existed till now-can't put pen to paper if his life was on the line, not the runaway politicians who now live in NZ or Australia OR Maybe our people just don't give a damn any more!

Ed. Incredibly, this was a comment on Coup4.5, that normally censors such opinions.


Anonymous said…
What happened to the civil disobedience that C4.5 said will take place on 29th Aug?
The Truth will out said…
Sooner or later The Truth will out. Are you listening Field and Dreaver? Those to whom you report should pay close attention and see The Light.
siti said…
Well to answer that question about Civil Disobedience I will tell you exactly what happened. NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING and you know why? Because no one pays any attention to c4.5 they have never yet predicted anything of any truth. But week in and week out those little bloggers are sitting around the grog bowl trying to think up new and more desperate strategies to draw attention to themselves. And they keep failing because that site has got so stupid that we all laugh about it.

And with regards to the truth. If you want the truth open your eyes, its all around you, but its just not the truth you want to hear. And if we listen to Field and Dreaver then we most certainly will never know the truth, they cant even spell it.
Upated news said…
Dear Croz

I'm missing update news and your opinion peices. You seem to have slowed down so here is a bit of a update for you...

1. Tikoitoga is all upset about not being aloud to go to NZ for the RWC and does not want Fiji to participate in the Sevens. Oh please as if he didn’t know he would not be allowed into NZ ! Appointing him Chair was like giving guy without a licence a job as a truck driver. Maybe Fiji rugby should have thought about this earlier.

2. Commonwealth have said no progress has been made in restoring democracy. No surprise here for anyone living in Fiji. Even the roadmap say they won’t do any work on this until the last minute and most of us doubt any election will be free and fair anyway or that real dialogue will happen as long as the military remain in control.

3. A tiny bit of resistance to this government emerges with VTR spraying a few crude and rushed messages and maybe setting fire to the odd disused police Bure. This could be just the work of a couple of bored kids but Government will see this as a reason to keep the PER.

4. The AG’s new wife takes on the top government tourism role. Kean takes on Permanent Secretary role. There is no doubt SDL gave government jobs to friends, church, family and supporters. There is also no doubt this government is doing exactly the same thing. With so many military in government roles we can safely say they are governments biggest supported being rewarded for loyalty. Also jobs for family alive and well.

5. Siti of FHL walks free afte being heavily pursued by FICAC for a long time. Another case of FICAC being directed to "get" a percieved threat (close friend of former PM) but good to see there must be at least some independance in courts etc.
Anonymous said…
This is the awakening that i-taukei need and it will not come from the padres of the Methodist Church because they are terrorists in the spiritual realm. Jesus Christ on his earthly journey walked or rode a donkey and lived simple ordinary life. He led by example and expected people to follow his path in his style. However, the Methodist Church padres in Fiji preach the message of Jesus Christ but live the high life at the expense of the poor. No one could have dismounted them from their mounts and glad that the boys in the army stood up to liberate ordinary i-taukei from the chiefs, the Methodist Church and their own leaders. It was not their duty or responsibility but they came to rescue us and Fiji.
There is no doubt that the Catholic Church has maintained dignified distance from the state whilst the Methodists became strong players, aiding and assisting shallow, selfish and greedy i-taukei politicians to spread their net of deceit and destroy the lives of ordinay i-taukeis. The poverty of i-taukeis in Fiji is a result of corrupt leadership, a deadly combination of the i-taukei elites, chiefs and the Methodists.
There is clear evidence that Fiji did not need the chiefs. They have not met since December 2006 and they have nothing to contribute except to share from the spoils. For them to get part of the rental money from i-taukei landowners was criminal. They were not there to serve but to take advantage of an iniquitous system. They were not entitled to it and it was because of these rights that they were fighting for appointment to become chiefs. It was not to serve their people but to enrich themselves and live the high life. Praise the Lord! Halleluia!!

Except the last coup, the chiefs were behind every coup and they were supported by the Methodist hierarchy. These two institutions were like cancer in the body of democracy in Fiji and it collapsed.
With these two bodies disabled, any future democracy would have a better chance of rooting in Fiji. Democracy is a fine institution but it must ensure the election of people of sincerity, honesty and integrity. And not racists and criminals who found their way into the parliament following the 2000 coup.
It is time for i-taukei to stand back, review how systemetically our leaders, the padres and chiefs exploited us in the past and how they should ensure that it does not happen in the future. It is not only for ourselves but for the future of our children that we need to be wise and careful about our future. We must take our future in our own hands.

God Bless Fiji!
Saddly said…
Where are you Mr Walsh ?

Come on the rfmf leaders need you to sing their praise so they can continue to enjoy the spoils of their hard work in getting and hanging onto all the power they now have.

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