News and Editor's Comments Wednesday 10.8.11

Wednesday 10.8.11

ILO HIGH LEVEL DELEGATION TO FIJI.The International Labour Organisation is sending a high level delegation to Fiji after last week’s new decree which unionists say threatens their freedoms.
     ILO Director General, Juan Somavia as expressed serious concern about the law aimed at essential national industries and the arrest of two trade unionists.The ILO says these developments come on top of long-standing ILO concerns about the exercise of trade union rights in Fiji.
     In a statement Mr Somavia says the delegation’s being sent because of the grave situation in Fiji and the threat it could deteriorate further.He wants to find out how the ILO can help all parties involved.-- Radio NZI.
SOLOMON ISLAND PM SNUBS MARA. PM Danny Philip has snubbed the request by Fijian fugitive Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara saying his Government will not entertain any official dialogue with Ratu Mara if he visits the country.
     Regarding the chairmanship of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), Prime Minister Philip said the decision for Bainimarama to assume the chairmanship was done in accordance with the MSG charter and it was not a decision made unilaterally. “We only intervene to sort out a problem between Fiji and Vanuatu because it was not in the best interest of the MSG.”
     There were only two options: not to talk with the Fiji Interim Government like most of the Forum leaders, or have an open dialogue with Fiji hoping that Solomon Islands could provide a way forward for the Forum to keep open discussions with the Fiji Interim government. He said the best way forward to achieve democracy in Fiji was to keep an open dialogue with the Fiji Interim government. “We have made our position very clear to the Australian  and New Zealand governments."

PAPUA NEW GUINEA'S NEW PM SUPPORTS ROADMAP. Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola met with PNG's'new Prime Minister, Honourable Peter O'Neil, in Port Moresby yesterday, and conveyed PM Bainimarama's and Fiji's congratulations and well wishes on his appointment.
   In turn, PM O'Neil thanked Ratu Inoke and through him PM Bainimarama for his warm words of congratulations. He stated the support of his government for Fiji's roadmap towards 2014 elections, and its readiness to engage in all bilateral and regional matters of importance for both Fiji and Papua New Guinea.-- Based No:1585/MOFA.  
AMBASSADORS FOR INDIA AND BRAZIL. "The two latest diplomatic appointments for Fiji, Ambassador Cama Tuiloma (Brazil) and Ambassador Yogesh Karan (India) have contracts up to September 2014. I'm assuming September because of the 2014 elections. Yes I agree the PER should come off now. It serves no purpose and does more harm than good to the regime's reputation"  -- From a reader.


moving forward said…

It is unrealistic to expect feedom of association in a military led dictatorship. The PM and AG are moving the country forward. Read all the great things they are doing in the Fiji SUN. Every leader before them was bad and evil and corrupt. They are our beloved, new leaders. We should trust them and the RFMF to do the right thing and not ever question them. They know what is right and needed to move Fiji forward.
Anonymous said…
If the ILO are detailed in their investigations they will realise the problem has been troublesom and very questionable union leadership. Fiji unionism is 1970's India except without heart or need. The soon these thugs are gone the better. Thank goodness Frank woke up to them and got them out of government roles.
Anonymous said…
Who is the ILO exactly. Assuming you agree there is no room for democracy in Fiji until at least 2014 then i dodn't understand why you think there should be room for unions and feedom of association (these are parts of democracy and we are told Fiji is not ready for this).
How ILO can help said said…
ILO can help all parties involved from staying away. We don't need them or unions. We have the PM & AG with the full backing of the military. We are taking Fiji forward. We don't need anyone else. We know best.
Government supporter said…
ILO Help ? They have little chance of making any difference. This is Fiji - we don't do listening and we don't do negotiation. In battle you need leadership, top down decision making and loyalty. That is what will move Fiji forward. We are completly behind our leaders and the sooner the likes of Mara and his new union friends are in jail the better.
Yea yea said…
You are starting to sound a bit like Mahen Croz. Having thrown your full support behind the removal of a elected government by guns you only now start to get a little bit upset by a decree that may or may not hurt workers. What happened to your love of all things Frank and RFMF ?
Miaw said…
I'm all for protection of workers rights and conditions. However do we need the current crop of overpaid, overindulged trade union officials who seem to be on overseas jaunts most of the time.When do they have elections for their positions?

Not that past union officials such as Tora, Chaudhary, James Raman were any better !!

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