Methodist Administration Meetings Banned

All administrative meetings of the Methodist Church have now been banned  other than a meeting with church stewards or Tuirara levu from the different divisions that is currently underway. It is understood the meeting will ask church president Reverend Ame Tugaue and general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu to make a decision on whether they will step down. Earlier reports were than Rev Tuqaue had offered to step down but not Rev Waqairatu.
The demand comes from the Military Council that has special powers under the PER regulations. They claim that both clergymen face charges under the regulations and should therefore not be eligible for senior church appointments. The ban on the meetings will sorely affect church administration and  funding.

See also earlier postings.

The moral issues here are:

(1) The circumstances and the extent to which any government may make demands on a church, or for that matter any other civil organization;
(2) The circumstances and motives of the two clergymen in not standing down, and of the church assembly in hastily reappointed them;
(3) The circumstances, extent, and  moral and practical reasons for a church to accede to a government's demands;
(4) The silence of the Fiji Council of Churches (and major Christian, Hindu and Muslim organisations) on an issue when one might have expected expressions of concern and attempts at mediation.


Let no expect any more said…
Bottom line is we are no closer to Free and Fair elections than we where in December 2006. The Military intend to stay in control and in power one way or another. And why would they do anything else ? They have enjoyed pay rises and job security when the public is struggling. There leaders are enjoying all the perks of public office and board appointments. They can threaton who ever they want. Even if they run foul of the law they will be treated lightly (eg Francis Kean). And if they deliever free and fair elections all this could change. The first thing a serious governemnt would do would be to reduce the size of the military followed by investigating the top brass fro their roles in the coup. So the persecution of the church is to be expected and a election in 2014 not.
RFMF ture colours said…
What we have here is a Military who "tells" and everyone else who has to "listen and act". The idea of good governence or freedom of assoication or respect for religious beliefs (charter principle no less) are the last things on government or RFMF minds.
The real moral issue said…
Perhaps the real moral issue is the role of the military in Fiji? I'm not convinced that a military junta repressing all views except their own is taking Fiji forward?
rubbish said…
And when will that OPEN, INCLUSIVE dialogue start do you think Croz ?

At this stage it will be the remaining military and curren government talking to itself.

Sorry but none of the recent clam downs under the PER suggest "moving the country forward". It's one thing for the government to dictate to sports boards but quite another to dictate to the church.
John Wesley's Bottom Line said…
The bottom line on the moral and lawful front is this:

All taxpaying citizens and residents of any state are deserving of equity and equality. If this status is denied them by any entity - and the Methodist Church of Fiji has been just such an entity of late - then justice is denied and inequity and hatred are invited in. A church or any other religious institution must add value to society as a whole.

This modern business and economic term applies to churches and to all religious bodies just as much as it does to business.

"Respect the Law" the headlines state today. Yes, that is the bare minimum. Now, we are expecting to hear increasing common sense and a sign that the Methodist Church of Fiji and all its divisions know their place in the scheme of things. John Wesley surely made it clear several hundred years ago? Many of his missionaries in Fiji died in the Rewa Delta preaching this.

Whatever persuaded them to stray so far from his code of respect for all human beings who deserve salvation?

And if it is mistakenly believed that taxpayers should have no say: wake up! The 21st century has arrived and all over the world taxpayers especially investors will require their fair share!
A debacle if not a rout? said…
The Methodist Church of Fiji appears to have failed on both the moral and the political fronts and the following examples may underpin this assertion:

1) On the moral front, how is it that no leader of the Methodists in Fiji has made a clear and unequivocal statement, at any time, that bribery and corruption are sinful and wrong? And they are ALWAYS wrong.

2) How is it also that no leader of the Methodists in Fiji has had either the guts or the principled conviction to assert that arbitrary and imposed law-making is also wrong? And more than wrong, it is self-defeating and contradictory?

So, on both the moral and the political fronts (not party political but principled) they have failed not only themselves but also their congregation and more than their congregation.

This might be termed a debacle (if not yet a rout). And, if it is proved true that despite all this, they shall eventually inherit this corner of the earth, then there is no more that can be sensibly said.
Anonymous said…
lets have a at this gov, they dont have to ans to anybody. because there boss bainivuka take his order from kaiyum. its feel good for kaiyum when bai suck his dick.

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