Leweni Again Warns Church to Keep to Agenda

Salaseini Vosamana in the Fiji Times

Friday, August 12, 2011
THE Republic of the Fiji Military Forces has warned the Methodist Church to stick to the initial agenda agreed to by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at its annual three-day ministerial meeting.
And the church has called on its members not to risk having the meeting ù to be held in a fortnight ù stopped by deviating from their list of issues to be discussed.
Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, in a statement released by the Ministry of Information, said the RFMF had been monitoring the movements of key figures in the church, their meetings and the dissemination of information to delegates.
He said the approval for the meeting was based on Government's effort to continue its dialogue with the church and ultimately addressing the "anomalies within its hierarchy".
"Security is a concern to the RFMF and police and Government's intention is to cancel the meeting should the church deviate from the original agenda," Lt Col. Leweni said.
"We are concerned about the apparent opposition of the church against the Peoples Charter and the Roadmap to Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development, which are Government's guide to a truly united, modern and peaceful nation.
"The church is reminded that all citizens of this country are now known as Fijians which is an indication of our determination to unite every race and ethnic groups in Fiji.
"This is a battle which Commodore Bainimarama has embarked on since 2006 and should be supported and treated as a priority by the Methodist Church.
"The RFMF will continue to scrutinise the activities of the church to ensure that it focuses on its rightful role of developing the spiritual foundation of its members and not to engage in politics."
Church acting secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra said the meeting would strictly follow the agenda tabled out by the Government.
"We will discuss issues according to the agenda and we ask pastors from other circuits to follow the agenda and not include other matters," he said.
"We are anticipating a good meet and we hope to discuss everything within the three days."
A total of 1000 circuit pastors are expected to convene to the meeting on August 23 to 25.


What do the police have to say said…
Once again we have the military warning people, monitoring people and threatoning to take action. Surely this is the role of the Police ?
Elections ? said…
Sure doesn't feel like getting closer to the "open and inclusive dialogue" that is required to develop a new constitution and a then a election in 2014.

Sure does feel like a Military controlled government worried like hell about past demons, opposition.

Sure does feel like a Military prepared to use force to ensure it stays in power for a long long time.

My guess is elections will happen if and only the PM/Military are confident that there is no oppostion and they will be elected, with the military forming a big part of future governmets.
dipper said…
If the PM was honest about judging people on merit then Leweni would have left the military long ago. He has failed at every post and everytime he opens his mouth is a PR dissaster. But like Teleni there seems to be one rule for Frank and his team and all this governments rehetoric applies to everyone else.
Snowy said…
I decided never to be a methodist after some of the things i heard in church...racist, homophobic overtones! i think this is a good move!
Besides, wasnt the methodist church marching in 1987 and 2000?

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