Work Together to Empower Marginalised Women

Government’s commitment to economically empower marginalised women has seen numerous socioeconomic developments around the country, undertaken by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation.
Dr Jiko Luveni

In particular, the Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni’s perseverance to reach out to ordinary women at grassroots level to hear out their plights right at their door step, has been applauded at both national and international level.

The  Catholic Women's League president Mrs Susana Evening, said efforts of the Minister for Women, through the Fiji Women’s Federation (FWF) to strengthen the ties between Government and Non-Government Organizations, has greatly motivated numerous women groups in Fiji to work together for the betterment of disadvantaged women.

She said the distribution of sewing machines around the country had not only encouraged women to stand up for their families but actually led to reactivation of women groups even in the most remote areas of Fiji.

“The sewing machines have promoted the need for women to become financially independent and for the minister to walk right up to their villages will motivate them to become independent and this shows that Government stands ready to assist the most needy,” Mrs Evening said.

“The face to face consultation with rural women will go a long way in addressing their long awaited needs.

“Through, her outreach programs, the minister has reached many women groups that were not heard before and also right to the small groups before dealing issues at the national level, she goes to the women at the very grassroots level to see what their needs are how Government can assist them, so it’s actually hearing out to the voices of marginalized women and that’s really important in motivating women.”

Mrs Evenings called on all women NGO’s in Fiji to work together with the Government for the advancement of women development.

“It is through FWF, madam minister has been able to reach out to the lives of ordinary women, talk to them, hear their concerns and this will strengthen their communication link with Government,” Mrs Evenings said.

“My advise to women NGO’s in Fiji is to put aside differences and just work towards a better Fiji for women to move forward and we can’t be hating one another and thinking about the past, we have to move forward together as one family and one nation. Because the women NGO’s need to work collaboratively to strengthen the women network and reach.”

Meanwhile, Chinese Embassy counselor, Mr Huang He, while officially handing over 500 electrical sewing machines last week applauded Dr Luveni’s continued efforts to promote women into income generating to elevate their financial status.

“It is the privilege of the Chinese Government as well as Chinese Embassy to be part of this process to enabling women in their efforts to raise their socioeconomic status. I think Fiji is in its very important development stage and I feel honored to witness the evolution, People’s Republic of China will do its best to provide our humble assistance to the efforts to raise the socioeconomic status of women in Fiji,” Mr He said.

“In fact people should be most grateful to Dr Luveni for her growing efforts in prompting women development in Fiji.”


Delusion of Grandeur said…
Bula Croz

I got tired reading the comments from iko Luveni and Susana Evening. Same old rhetoric and actions, for goodness sake why can't we change our behaviour. Electrical sewing machines!!! we don't have a constant supply of electricity, what happens to maintenance and parts of these machines when they stop working? Are the women being given lessons in how to fix them. Still we believe that organisations like FWF and the ministry of women are responsible for all the 'woes that betide a woman'. How about empowering our women, beginnning by helping them go back to attain some formal education or even just finish primary school. Then they can work out what is best for them with the assistance of these organisations. Vinaka
unadulterated politicking said…
This sounds like politicking? Is it?
And can you just remind us again who voted for this women?
Monitor said…
Meanwhile, in squatter and other settlements around the country, children are not at school for a variety of reasons. Should not Social Welfare officers be assigned to regularly monitor these kids and their parents ? Some are at home because they do not have enough to eat or do not have the basic stationery items. A system of vouchers to supply lunch to such children should be looked into by the Social Welfare Ministry in collaboration with women's groups such as the Catholic Women's League.

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