GIRC the Way to Go

How many times have we heard democracy is about more than elections; it is also about what Government does, interacting with people, listening, and letting them know what it does?  

For the last several weeks citizens have had a close look at government  in action by attending the almost weekly exhibitions held by different government departments at the Government Information and Referral Centre (GIRC) in downtown Suva.

Last week was the turn of the five divisions in the PM’s Office —Cabinet, Poverty Eradication, Development Cooperation and Facilitation, Policy Analysis, and the Strategic Framework for Change and Coordination Office.  One interesting daily feature was a live talk back show conducted by Fiji Broadcasting  in Fijian, Hindi and English.  

Officers from one division, the SFCC Office, manned their booth and went on air to inform the public and field questions on the the SFC, the People’s Charter and the Roadmap.  – Based on No:1420/PSC.   Fiji is not yet a democracy but I think this democratic initiative shows promise of what is to come.


Anonymous said…
I hope so Croz but if you mention the PER, Kean, PM's backpay, any topical issue or even the coup itself in anything other than praising terms (of this administration) you are still likely to cop a beating. Sadly feedback only equals feedback that they want to hear.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Anonymous .. That's not what I hear. Several people have gone publid on lifting PER. CCF has repeatedly called for it to be lifted. As for topical issues, letters to the editor have been published criticizing the FNPF proposals. But I agree some sense is needed before tackling the govt head on on some issues. It would only be seen as provocative. But it's not,I hear you say. So, the situation is not as good as I would like or as bad as you say it is. Please use a pseudnym if you intend to write again.
Not so fast let go backwards again said…

Perhaps you spoke too soon with this little article. The following news today below suggests otherwise.

It does not sound very democratic at all. It stinks of military intervention and it is indicative that this government will only allow actions they approve of. Another step backwards I'm afraid. Government has to learn to work with people of opposing opinions especially those elected. How does this make us think the RFMF will react after a elected governemnt is appointed in 2014. Will they jump in and remove anyone they don't like ? Will they throw Fiji back another 10years by taking over government again ? Also what of the conflict of interest in Bole being part of government and chairman of the council. I though the PM wanted to remove this type of thing not create. I'm disgusted and dissapointed.

Bole is new Lau Provincial Council Chairperson
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Filipe Bole is the new chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council – replacing Adi Ateca Ganilau who was elected into the position yesterday.

The decision was made this morning after government asked the Bose ni Yasana to reconsider the leadership of the Council – following an outburst by Adi Ateca against the government at yesterday’s close of session.

Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni told FBC News government made it clear that assistance to the province and the people of Lau would continue and not be affected – but they would not be able to work with Adi Ateca after the comments she made.

“The delegates were asked to deliberate further on the stance of the chairperson – due to her outburst yesterday – in which she clearly showed her intention that she is not willing to work with government. That’s the gist of government’s message this morning – that if this is the stance of the chairperson, it is unfortunate and government will not be able to work with someone who does not see eye to eye with government’s development plans.”

Leweni adds the Council met this morning and appointed Education Minister Filipe Bole as chair.

He says they had no problem with Adi Ateca’s election as chair until she made the outburst.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Not so fast ... That's certainly what it looks like but let's wait for the full story before jumping to conclusions. FBCL writes about an "outburst" by Adi Ateca against the Charter. I'll not comment fully until I know more. Note that her election and replacement have been covered by the media. No censorship. That at least is good.
Hopeful said…
Perhaps some steps in the right direction and genuine change. Government will have to address the legacy issues raised by Anon above if they truely want to be stand out leaders. It's never too late to admit mistakes and special treatment given to Kean, the PM's back pay, his overseas jaunts and importantly the deaths of civilians at the hands of solidiers all need to be dealth with. Perhaps a more mature and experienced government no longer solely dictated to by a military council can do this ? I hope so.
not hopeful said…
@ croz

Even if there was a 'outburst' is that reson for the Government to step in and make sure someone just elected is removed ?

I suspect this is why the PM has put Military people in postions like commissioner so they can carry out orders.

I can wait but it does not look good. It's looks very consistent with what we have seen for 5 years now.
bentser said…
When did it become law that you have to support the charter ? Even government ignore large elements of it everyday - like the calls for trasnparency and the constitution being the ultimate law.

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