The Tongan Mara and his Aussie Visa

RATU TEVITA SAYS HE'S A TONGAN. Tonga Chronicle: Do you consider yourself under the “protection of the King”? Mara: No, I consider myself Tongan. If I’m traveling from Fiji to here, it’s just like traveling within the Fiji group ... Where I come from ...we are very closely related to Tonga. Not only us, the whole part of the province is related to Tonga in many ways.  [This won't please some of his new admirers who previously said President  Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was not a true Fijian because of his Tongan blood.  That's the way racists think.]   
TONGAN PASSPORT. And now we  have the NBR story he's travelling to Australia on a Tongan passport and NZ won't be fast tracking his application to visit NZ. There's also speculation he may be applying for political asylum in NZ.
KUBUABOLA QUESTIONS AUSTRALIAN INTERVENTION. Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola has expressed disappointment that Australia has so quickly issued a visa to Ratu Tevita Mara on Tongan travel documents, rather than awaiting a response from Tonga to Fiji’s extradition request. He says that by intervening in what was a bilateral issue under consideration, Australia has shown little regard for achieving a resolution to the matter. Australia’s action in welcoming a fugitive from Fiji risks an escalation of tensions in Fiji-Australia relations, for which Australia must take responsibility.


Step tiko vei iko... said…
His father wouldn't have run away like him. Poor guy...
What the Hell is going on? said…
Odd how some may achieve Tongan Passports by idiosyncratic ruses and others are arrested with three Fiji Passports EACH? Othersome, who ought to access a Fiji Passport upon request, are denied.

What the Hell is going on?
Anonymous said…
@ step

His father had power - he does not.
Lets be clear thought if Frank was removed from the RFMF and had been brought before a court he would be running as well. This was one of the key reasons for his coup - to keep his power and stay out of jail.

I'm no fan of Ratu Tevita but he is not unlike many other RFMF elite. The new elite in Fiji.
Tongan treachery said…
If I was Frank, I'd cut off diplomatic relations with Tonga and kick every Tongan passport holder out of Fiji effective immediately, including students at the USP.

They've interfered in Fiji's internal affairs in a highly offensive manner and need to be taught a lesson.

It's Tonga which has enabled Roko Ului to travel to Australia and behave like some alternative leader. How dare they damage Fiji in this way?

On second thoughts, let's invade the place and use Ma'afu doing the same here in the 19th century as a precedent to justify the whole thing.

King Frank The First. Has a certain ring to it, don't you think?
Whose your daddy said…
Ratu K K T Mara must be turning in his grave. Or he could be saying, that's not my son.

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