Seven Types of Blog Comments: For People Who Comment on the Blog

I am grateful to Jeff Goins for this classification of blog comments and how to respond to them.  He says there are seven types. My comments are highlighted in brackets:

1. The Spammer who, for example, enters 50 links to “London Escorts” services and dog food sales. Response: Mark as junk and forget them. (The few I receive I mark as junk mail.)

2. The Long-Winded. 200 words is a long comment. This person writes 500 or more and us usually new to blogging. Response:  Suggest fewer words or start own blog. (Shorter comments are generally preferred but if you have to write more and are informed you've exceeded the character limit of 5,000 characters, divide your comment and post as 2-3 consecutive comments. A pseudonym other than Anonymous is necessary if you divide a lengthy comment.)

3. The Nonsensical. You read their comment, and the first thing you say is, “Uhh. What?” The words form a sentence, but not one that makes any sense. Response: With exactly what went through your head: “Uhh. What?” (I receive a number of these, and ones that just state a short “damning” sentence, usually from anti-bloggers.  They are irritants.  If they make some sense, I usually publish them.)

4. The Non-Reader This person clearly didn’t read anything past the title. Response: Tell them to read the post. (This is a common type on my blog, and where they have read the  post, they have not used “Search” for earlier, related, posts.  As a result, they often miss the point of the item they comment on, or they are not even on the topic of the post.)

5. The Self-Promoter. This person has one agenda: to promote their own blog. They make some loose connection to your post with something they wrote on their blog, and then post a link to it. Response: "Thanks.  I’ll check it out.” (Not common on my blog.)

6. The Generic. I don’t really understand these comments. The person will say something like “Interesting post! Thanks for writing it.” Response:The best way to respond to a generic comment is with a generic reply. “Thanks for reading!” is sufficient. (Similar to 3, but the message may be “I disagree.” I wish readers would be more specific in this type of post. With what, precisely, do they agree or disagree, and why?)

7. The Truly Interested. These are the best and deserve your full and careful attention. The comment is 100 words or less, and shows true interaction with the content of your post. They either add to the idea, or ask a thoughtful question. Response: You should respond in kind. Reward these commenters with a weekly or monthly “Top commenters” post, or a widget on the sidebar showing top commenters. They deserve to get some love from your blog for the comments they post.  (I promote some of these comments to full postings where more people will read them. I wish some of these readers would consider writing short articles for the blog. If you are one of these people, please contact me on I will not divulge your identify, if this is what you prefer. Promise!)


Anonymous said…
I've noticed a few other types on your blog....

8. BIG WORDS - LITTLE TO SAY - these ones are hard to read, often quote lots of obscure text and are more about chest puffing by the blogger screaming "aren't I well read" rather than making a observation, suggestion or provoking thought...

9. MR REPETITION - no matter the topic they always link it back to the same theme. For example for some it is always about taxes and they can link any post and any story to taxes. For others is always about Francis Kean not doing any jail time. If only these people could channel their creativity somewhere...

10. NO CAN SPELLERS - and also the TYPE TO FASTERS. I confess to falling into this category. Please try and read me all the same !
sara'ssista said…
11. FUTILE. these are the comments that despite being creative, innovative and certainly pro- regime, are still certain to be ignored by all players, but give the blogger a sense of contribution and some busy work to do.No matter how thought provoking or how even handed the comments appear to be , there more venal and oppressive forces at work determined to maintain power and exempt themsleves from any accountability, but do have loyal supporters willing to defend the indefensible, at every opportunity.
Cicero said…
You are greatly mistaken and truly naive if you both believe that the role of taxes and those who live off them (Public Money) is of little consequence in the ultimate Scheme of Things. It is perhaps one of the most empowering arguments ever arrived at.

And what is more Pensioners and their employers have paid MORE taxes over more time than most or all. Smarten Up! Never allow anyone paid from public money to call you names! Or lie or tell untruths or partial truths. We the taxpayers of this country pay you all: fund your overseas travel and often accommodate you to boot! You will show appropriate respect to the people and to the pensioners who fund your every breath. Never think of using labels like grassroots or demeaning vocabulary to your constituency wherever it may reside.

So Help You, God Almighty.
SOE said…
As for you, sara'ssista, independent of anyone else you need to front up when required in person. Let us see if you have the guts to exist not just as avatar but someone who acts in the real world.

We would doubt your ability to do this. Like so many others, your ephemeral self is all you and others like you are prepared to project. No country, no nation can prosper with this lack of ability to put your own neck on the block. Let us have a demonstration of what you are really made of. Generally, we have to digest a kedgeree of gobbledygook: lots of hot air and very little substance.
Anonymous said…

Hear, Hear !

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