Ratu Tevita — Ni Sa Moce, Namaste, Good Night

Despite one supporter's claim that "The momentum is building as the two speakers (Mara and Baledrokadroka)  make their way around Australia, NZ and the Pacific," attendance numbers in Canberra and Melbourne suggest the opposite. But the comments left on the SDL blog Coup4.5, give some indication of their quandry and what at least some of their supporters want.
Photo: Coup 4.5
The Melbourne meeting
 In 2006 there were 10,400 ethnic Fijians in Melbourne. One source said 15 people turned up to the meeting.  Others say 50, including the organizers. Between 150-200 were expected — "FDFM says it has been advised three bus loads are coming to Chadstone from Robinvale and other rural areas where Fijians are working on farms. That's on top of the Lau community in Melbourne."  
  • As one Coup4.5 reader put it: "Those of us looking to Roko Ului for change want to know if he has the mana to carry it off. If it's 300 maybe. If it's 15, sa oti vakadua." 
  • Another comment, same source: "I wud say there was around 30 of us (at the) begining and went to around 10 in the end as many in the crowd didn't want to have a bar of the gcc being part of the plan....plus I had to watch an AFL game on tv which was more important....oei le!" 
  •  And finally: "Maybe the excitement of the extraordinary advent of the former 3FIR Commander into Aussieland has waned from front page news to a few icy cold grog lovers in an unknown address."
Peaceful protest?
Ratu Tevita's call for what he called a peaceful protest to overthrow the Bainimarama government drew this sample of comments from his more enthusiastic supporters on Coup4.5:
  • To the military: "If they will not fire on civilians; can they then, please, fire on these two puppets, Bainimarama and Aiyarse and their puppeteer Naz Shameem? "
  •  "Come and join,when Bainijidamunivore and Ae-na-arse are executed, you would be proud that you were are part of the revolution..." 
  •  To the Americans: "Now that America is withdrawing 30,000 troops from Afghanistan, I'm sure they can spare 5,000 to come to Fiji. Bring the Aircraft Carrier of the US Pacific Fleet with FA 18, Helicopter Gunships and Blackhawks. Drop a few smart bombs at the Army Camp in Delainabua and that will knock off all their buildings and get the combined ANZUS force to takeover." 
  •  And finally, "Cannot a legitimate invasion be launched now? Thumbs up for democracy. Out with the criminal regime!! Justice please! Return Fiji to paradise!!" 
Coup 4.5 seems unaware that advocating violence, or allowing such comments, on their blog could lead to them being closed down by Blogspot.


Anonymous said…
An exchange of Tevita Ului for Rocco Leo would be most amusing.Go for it Aiyaz!
Who to Believe said…
Interesting Croz,

Normally you advise you readers not to read Coup 4.5 because it is so inaccurate. But hear you are using them as the only source for your story.
Anonymous said…
I am so pleased you have exposed Ratu Mara for what he is a waste of space.

I assume now your bog will ignore the Mara issue and concentrate on how we move the country forwards.

Please Enough is Enough no more Mara on your blog site
Croz Walsh said…
@ Who to Believe... I would never advise anyone not to read anything. In the case of Coup 4.5 I think it important readers DO read it for how else can they make up their minds on its stories? However, I stopped providing a link when their stories became even more unreliable and their comments even more racist and violent. I maintain a link to another anti-govt blog FijiToday which generally avoids the Coup4.5 extremes. Note that Coup4.5 has removed all links to any blog that does not see the world as it does but, to their credit,they sometimes allow contrary comments, as in their coverage of the Mara Melbourne meeting.

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