Ratu Tevita and Coup4.5: Over the Limit, and the ‘Assassination’

I intend to limit my reporting on Ratu Tevita and Coup 4.5. I find many of his  accusations contradictory and unsupportable and see no reason to give his almost daily releases any more publicity.  There are other things to orchestratedwrite about.
I agree with David Robie’s Cafe Pacific  that  called his carefully orchestrated releases a media circus:
“This entire saga has all the hallmarks of a carefully orchestrated virtual internet coup. At least, of the propaganda kind. One virtual coupmaster getting one-upmanship over the grand coup master."
“But the YouTube led publicity campaign from the safety of Tonga poses a series of questions that mainstream media don't appear to be asking. Who are the media minders behind Mara massaging his military message and what is their agenda? Why are things being taken at face value? Where is the evidence backing up Ratu Tevita's sweeping allegations?
“And why is the anonymous, unreliable and unethical website Coup4.5 suddenly being taken as a credible news source by some mainstream media?
“One prominent Fiji journalist sums up the views of several by telling Café Pacific: "Definitely a very suave team is guiding [Mara], directing what he says and his answers to questions. They are also directing his statements and allegations so that it comes in intervals every 2-3 days to sustain and feed the media frenzy."
assassin knifeBut before leaving, I must report Coup4.5’s latest. They are concerned about Ratu Tevita’s safety as he travels around the Pacific  where, they say, he will “present a letter of what is being described as a referendum (sic!)  to the Melanesia Spearhead Group and ask Australia and New Zealand to intervene (sic!) on the basis that human rights are at stake in Fiji.”
They say that (another unnamed but ) “trusted intelligent sources say the possibility of the military regime taking action to retaliate can't be ignored. And they say there could be any number of ways the regime could try to silence him, ”spark(ing) fears he could be assassinated … from outside forces on behalf of the regime.”  
They assess the risk as 70%, despite his “private protection officers,” as he “moves through open spaces like airports and staying at hotels without professional protection.
One can only wonder how the assassin will smuggle the gun or dagger in at the airport or bribe the chef or barman to add arsenic to food or drink, let alone how he will  get away.
And why will the megalomaniac Bainimarama and the dreadful Sayed-Khaiyum go to these lengths? Because they have “a lot to lose ...we only have to look around the world to know that dirty governments will do what it needs to do to survive, and that Fiji is no exception.”

Who on earth can believe such nonsense!  I give up! Thank goodness there are still some people who, for various reasons, oppose the Bainimarama government who have their heads screwed on.  Coup4.5 lost its head long ago.


Anonymous said…

Why don't you delete items on Ratu Tevita. He does not add value to the site.
Walker Texas Ranger said…
Not so sure about that remark! It now appears more than likely that all these Thumbs Up & enjoinders for instant democracy are an elaborate ruse to cover up something rather serious. Do not be diverted from the recovery of taxpayers money! Thumbs Down for all who fail to return the public money they have misused and abused. You shall all be brought to book.
Anonymous said…
I find absurd and suspicious of Roko Uluis statement.He mentioned earlier that the reasons for his dismisal from the Military was because of the F**All word he used which a junior officer passed it over to the interim PM.The question is who is the junior officer?..why was his name not mentioned in any of the blogsites.

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