Mara Beat the Women and ...

... DRITI WAS WORSE. I've enquired further about Ratu Tevita Mara's claim that Bainimarama and his son beat three women (and Pita Waqavonovono)  at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in late 2006.  The enquiries confirm my earlier report that it was Mara and Driti who beat the women, and not Bainimarama.

The women never lodged an official complaint but they told both Human Rights Watch and CEDAW (the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Discrimination Against Women) that they were punched by Mara, and forced to lick boots and to run around a field.  They also said that Pita told them his leg was broken and that he was raped by Driti.   All of the women said Bainimarama was not there!

My efforts to contact the women have not been successful but my understanding is that while they still stand by their story, they will not say so publicly because refuting Ratu Tevita's story would assist the Bainimarama Government that they do not support. I understand their predicament but by not refuting Ratu Tevita's story they are lying by omission,  and this  allows an important part of Ratu Tevita's bigger lie to go unchallenged.


Anonymous said…
...and does that make the treatment of these women OK ? Mara and Driti where both Franks men and if they did this then he has to share the blame. That is the problem though - this is a regime still in denial and still claiming to be squeaky clean.
Anonymous said…
Then why has Frank done nothing about it ? He could have sacked both these men way back then but he chose not to because they where supporting him.
Disgusted said…
Oh so that makes it OK then. Two of franks most senior men beat women. I suppose you put it down to 'moving Fiji forward'
Walker Texas Ranger said…
Lying by omission is still......lying. In such a serious matter as torture where the National Interest is shown a disservice and the safety and security of all Fiji Women put at future risk these purportedly abused women have a national duty to show leadership now to speak the truth and only the truth. Otherwise the cYcle of violence continues unbroken. If no NGO will assist them then there are individuals who will. Mara and Driti and anyone else like them must now own up for the safety of this country and all its people. We pay you from taxation to serve OUR security. So serve it! Pacific Dialogue and Crimestoppers are regularly meeting to assist the people of Fiji to find law and order. We have never failed to do so over the past four years. No matter how difficult things have been. So ask for help if no NGO will do so. The difference is that we are all unpaid Volunteers so we are not benefitting from aid from anywhere or anyone. Ask us, please, in good faith.
Law & Order said…
What links Ratu Tevita Mara and those associated with him to Serious Organised Crime? Time to call 'A spade a b....y shovel'? Who are his close associates and where do they operate?
Collaborator said…
OO that's convincing.

An unnamed source who can't contact the girls involved.

Your source even lays the ground work for why they won't corroborate their story.

Shame on you Croz.

Regime uncovered said…
So you are now admitting that women have been beaten under Bainimarama's regime?
Gutter Press said…
I’ve been a regular visitor to your site and on the occasions I’ve posted a comment under different pseudonyms I’ve often (but not always) complimented the fact that you strive for balance.

However I feel strongly that you have gone beyond the pale here. You’ve acknowledged that you couldn’t contact the women – and that’s where you should’ve left your comment.

However you ‘understand’ (presumably from another, unidentified, source) that they stand by their story and then go on to assert that by not refuting Ratu Tevita's story they are lying by omission – all based on information from a third party.

In my mind your comment is despicable. I fail to see why you think that they should, in any way whatsoever, come to the defence of the person who they presumably feel is ultimately responsible for their beating and then to decry their silence as ‘lying’.

Support for the military government’s ideals is one thing, but to turn on violently wronged innocent people and accuse them of ‘lying by omission’ shows that you have definitely become muddled in your thinking on this issue. This is through the looking glass stuff and you, as a well educated, sensitive, caring individual should have known better than to burst into print with such a slanderous accusation under such circumstances.

You owe those ladies an apology, Crosbie – you really do.
Anonymous said…

You have never given any wait to any of the many claims of abuse at the hands of the RFMF yet you seem OK to claim Mara & Driti beat women in order to protect fijis PM.

Are you now acknowleging the RFMF have beat women ? Is this behaivour you support in the campaign to move 'fiji forward'.
Anonymous said…
Croz Walsh blames the women. Revictimises victims.
Cracker said…
Mara is guilty of being a coward and an idiot, no one can deny that!

I want this story followed up please.

How can Australia or New Zealand let Mara into their country? So he isn't in the military any longer but BUT, he is a fugitive and his brother in law is the president, the rule was that any relation to those in the military or government are on travel bans. How can he be allowed to travel to Australia unless he has been given a Tongan passport? Mara is guilty of many things, he is certainly not a politician or for that matter credible in what he says, he has spent the best part of his life lying about this affairs and his illegitimate children now we are all expected to believe him? I don't think so and to think Australia and New Zealand are gullible enough to want him in their country.

I am giving him a big thumbs down for his lying and cheating and racist comments.
Nive said…
So it is true that the Bainimarama regime turtured civilians. We cannot move forward with anything till the regime clarifies this. Forget the People's charter and all that. Bainimarama needs to first acknowledge that under his leadership, this torture and abuse happened. Who actually did it is not all that relevant. Is this military protocol/procedure/process? Until Bainimarama comes out and tells us why people were abused by his soldiers, we cannot move forward. I was so mistaken to think the army had learnt lessons from the Rabuka era and had changed for the better.

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