Infrastructural Work Helps Empower the People

“Underdevelopment is a fertile breeding ground for suspicion and ignorance.  Access to proper infrastructure means empowerment.

“As has been seen from our history, the regions, districts and provinces that do not have access to proper infrastructure are not only under-developed, … their people are the most vulnerable to manipulation by unscrupulous politicians.  This is one of the other reasons why my Government is committed to infrastructure development. 
“We want all Fijians to not only become empowered but rid themselves of the old ways of thinking. We want modernisation and the collaboration of all of Fiji’s citizens as one nation, as one people — as Fijians — for socio-economic advancement.” 
PM Bainimarama speaking  at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Sawani/Serea Road upgrade in Naluwai, Naitasiri on Wednesday.


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