FIJI FOCUS. Check out this monthly Government magazine for news, letters to the editor, job advertisements. It's in English, Hindi and Fijian with lots of photos. To access the relevant government website and download this and earlier editions,  Click here. To access  the June edition directly, click here.


yea yea said…
This is a pretty good read and effort by government to promte some of the good work that is being done.

I think this government however lets itself down by pretending everything is OK and running to plan. Sharon makes some comments that nothing has changed and the Frank government is delievering as promised. We know that is not true - he has changed track many times, thrown out many of his early promises and is not living up to some in the charter. I think people understand why, for example the court case verdict meant would have meant surendering power but please don't pretend things haven't changed. As well as the talk of 2014 (great to see it being reifored more often now) this government would do well to continue to call itself "interim" or transitional government.

Someone should proof read it as well - a couple of articles are repeated !
Croz Walsh said…
@ yea ... I don't think anyone is claiming everything is okay and that nothing has changed but Fiji Focus is a magazine-style paper, and not the best place for analyses and discussion. Hopefully, as the PER is lifted there'll be lots of discussion and helpful ideas on "how to go." I also noted a repeated article but, minor glitches apart, I think they are doing a great job in getting out such an attractive and interesting magazine with the limited resources at their disposal. We should both volunteer to proofread.
Double standards said…
Except they've also broken the media decree by not providing bylines for every story.
Siti said…
Fiji Focus is written by the Ministry of Information it goes without saying that all articles are written by the Ministry staff. On the topic of claiming everything is ok that is taken out of context. I have never heard Sharon say 'nothing has changed', of course things change just like in every government in the world, economies change, the environment changes, trends change and peoples way of thinking changes, and the government must change to keep pace with modern thinking. So take it from someone who knows, things change and mostly for the better.

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