Bainimarama Government a Curate's Egg

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The Bainimarama Government is such a curate’s egg!

On the good side they have started tackling many of Fiji’s longstanding problems that were avoided, ignored or actively fostered by previous governments including Racism, The Land Issue, the politicisation of the Great Council of Chiefs, the power and politicisation of the Methodist Church, the instability of the FNPF, Dual Citizenship and the neglect of rural Fiji - and they have even found time to modernise our licensing laws!

On the bad side are censorship, an untrustworthy judicial system, restrictions on freedom and a lack of
transparency over government expenditure and even their own salaries, and the unsustainable growth of the FMF.

The big question mark is over the promised elections in 2014 – will they be able to let go of the tiger’s tail? Will they be confident enough that their growing support among rural Fijians will more than counter the opposition of fallen politicians, chiefs and churchmen?


Equal Rights and Justice said…
Let us assume that the military regime has tried to reform some things that need to be tackled. Let us give them credit for trying. But let us be fair here and make the downside list a bit more comprehensive: It includes human rights violations, torture, unlawful detention of opponents. It also includes a dismal economic performance in comparison with all other countries in the region. What is perhaps most important, however, is that the regime is systematically stupefying its population by not allowing a critical discourse on government performance. As I see the lack of education at the root of Fiji's problems, it is hard to believe that this regime tries to create an intelligent electorate.
Lesley said…
@Equal Rights and Justice ... Hmmm but something positive must be happening in Fiji right now. Did you read this in Croz's blog. Why would Peni Moore say this?:
An Appeal to the People of New Zealand
"In Fiji lately many people who disagreed with the Coup are now working with the Bainimarama government to help resolve Fiji's problems. The civil society organizations now engaging in dialogue with government and each other include the Fiji Women's Rights Movement (Virisila Budadromo), the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre (Shamima Ali has not attended, she has sent others along), the Citizens' Constitutional Forum, Dialogue Fiji, Pacific Dialogue, and the National Council of Women, Soqosoqo Vakamarama, but some, like my own organization, Women's Action for Change, were engaged to some degree before. Most, in one way or another, are helping ordinary people, in towns and rural areas, to better understand electoral processes and alternatives in preparation for next year's electoral reforms and the elections in 2014.

There is still some distance to go before dialogue really opens up, but we are talking, government is listening, and we are making progress. Please help us in our work.
Peni Moore
Women's Action for Change.

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