Someone's Not Telling the Truth

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Someone's not telling the truth.  Tongan, Ratu Tevita and Kadavu hotelier stories do not tally. And the NZ Navy said it had heard no distress signals.

Earlier statement by the PM: "We have confirmation that Ratu Tevita Mara was extracted by the Royal Tongan Navy Patrol Boat, Savea on 9 May 2011 from within Fiji's territorial waters. Preliminary investigations nullify the claims of a search and rescue mission off Southern Ono i Lau, however we can confirm that the illegal extraction of Ratu Tevita Mara took place one Nautical Mile North West of Cape Washington in Kadavu. The Fijian government takes strong exception to such breaches of Fiji's sovereignty. I intend to communicate with the Tongan Prime Minister within the next 24 hours about these breaches."


sara'ssista said…
Didn't I hear an emphatic statment from bainimarama that Mara DID NOT surrender his passport? But Mara claims his lawyer has surrendered it. If we are going into the detail and happy to split hairs of who is telling the truth and why would the great saviour of fiji be inclined to distort?? And why would Mara's wife be taken to QEB and not a police station?? Isn't this a civilian matter of sedition??
sara'ssista said…
perhaps Mara can unilaterally declare himself inncocent, close down any relevant investigations and draft his own decree giving himself immunity. It appears all the rage in fiji these days. Or perhaps gaol himself and then grant himself 'extra mural leave' from gaol and spend his days watching tv and entertaining guests.
Anonymous said…
I think the PM must be telling the truth. He has a splendid record for telling the truth. Remember he told the truth when he said no one in the military would benefit from the coup and that we would have elections in 2009 and then 2010. Remember he told us Driti and Mara where not under investigation but taking leave. Remember he told us no one was above the law and remember he told us Military don't arest o question people. Remember he told us he would fix the sugar industry by 2009 and remember he told us he would fix the econmy to by 2009. Remember he told us he would return to barracks after the appeals court ruled his government was illegal. Remember he told us he is in perfect health. Remember he told us he was forced to undertake the coup and he told us he is only following the presidents mandate. Remember he old us Francis kean was the only person who could do the Navy job. A fine man, a man of truth is the PM.

Sadly Ratu Mara worked, supported and enjoye the spill with Frank for years so I imagine he is about as truthful as Frank.
Cornelius said…
Here in NZ, 'Dreadful' Dreaver has said tonight on national TV that Ratu Tevita is Ratu Epeli Nailatika's brother.

As NZ TV's 'expert' on Pacific Affairs, she is woefully ignorant. Why on earth can't we be kept informed on Pacific affairs by someone who at least knows the basics.

Another grizzle - why does NZ television insist on showing 10-year-old clips and passing them off as current? Occasionally they will annotate "file footage" but mostly not.

The poor old Kiwi does not understand that, although he is supposedly the beneficiary of 'free speech', he is actually the victim of the propaganda of a biased and partisan media.
jame said…
A lier demanding truth from another lier..when is it going to end? This is the new commandment: "Bloggers shall not believe utterances made by coup plotters of any democratically elected government..whether it be Kaiviti, Kaiidia or Kailoma led"!

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