Sick Character Assassination by Once Reputable Blog

rat packIf anyone needs further evidence of how low the anti-Government blog CoupFourPointFive has sunk since it was launched in mid-2009, they just need to the read “The Rats who're making excuses for Bainimarama and his illegal regime.” 
The anonymous article provides photos and a “Roll Call” of people they see as pro-coup, claiming it is giving them an opportunity of “ publicly declaring their opposition to the coup and calling for a speedy restoration of elective democracy.”
 To my knowledge none (not one!)  of the “accused” has ever supported the coup (though some accepted it as a fact and tried to work from there), and the accusers are deluded if they think Fiji under the Qarase government was  an elective democracy.  Far from it: the election was suspect; the government was overtly racist and even the Fiji  Times called it corrupt.
The article dismisses the Shameem sisters, the Fiji Labour Party, the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum and their supporters, saying they have lost their influence.  It would seem anyone writing anything on this blog, or who tries to explain or  advance ideas on how to resolve the Fiji situation, or consider Fiji’s changing international relationships, such as Dr Sandra Tarte,  Tongan Dr Sitiveni Halapua (sic!), Auckland academic Dr Hugh Laracy and former NZ diplomat Gerald McGhie  are automatically deemed coup apologists.   
It is also surprising to see two vice-chancellors (Prof Rajesh Chandra and Dr Ganesh Chand) listed.  I am not aware of anything they have said on the coup, or  the Bainimarama government, except when it related to university matters. 
Of  the others listed, any objective observer would consider their remarks very balanced.  Fr Kevin Barr’s concern has always been social justice, and he has criticised the Government for delaying the introduction of minimum wages. Prof Vijay Naidu and the Rev Akuila Yabaki have constantly called for the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations; Dr Mahendra Reddy is doing a useful job on the Commerce Commission; and Graham Davis is doing his bit to get Australia to adopt a more realistic policy.  I don’t know Derek Brien of the  Pacific Institute of Public Policy  in Vanuatu and I am not aware of anything he has written or said about Fiji.   That leaves me, Crosbie (not Crozbie) Walsh. And I don’t see myself as a coup apologist, either.
I wish one (just one) of the publishers of CoupFourPointFive had the courage and common decency to reveal their identity. I’m not impressed with people who hide behind anonymity to make libellous —and intentionally threatening— accusations against people who do not share their views. And I think many people who want speedy and inclusive dialogue leading to electoral reform and elections will share my disgust at CoupFourPointFive. 
And for the record, I share  these views  expressed by two others “listed”:  
I am honoured to be included in this group of very exceptional people who have shown a deep commitment to Fiji.” 
“We should wear the Rat Pack label with pride.  Unlike our detractors, we support a prosperous, multiracial and just Fiji, with true democracy for every citizen.”


Red Dragon said…
The Rat Pack - so called should save their barbs for the recent batch of lawyers held to universal - yes, universal - account by the Independent Legal Services Commission. Why was this Rat Pack not aiming in their direction, years ago? We shall tell you why: because like so many others in Fiji they found it useful, convenient even beneficial to lie in bed with such persons and profit from their corrupt and greedy maneouvring. Character assassination? What character are we alluding to? Character is determined by courage, integrity and, at times, audacity. No sign of it in this direction.
Liu Muri said…
Croz, I feel insulted and hurt for being left out of the list of dintiguished "rats' that the pussies (cats) of SDL hate.
Smell the Fear said…
We can smell the fear. Do you think those who have foolishly collaborated with and supported this human rights abusing illegal regime know what is coming?
No wonder the Hon PM Qarase is saying silent and chuckling to himself?
Smell of death more like it said…
Smell the Fear, how deluded you are. And how dare you bring your idle threats across to this respectable forum from the fetid wasteland you normally inhabit. So you've taken comfort from the arrests of Driti and Mara, as if this signals the end of military unity and the regime. It doesn't work like that. You're clearly one of those low-lifes who wants to identify people who don't support the SDL, publish their addresses and sool your thugs onto them. It's pathetic. Four and a half years on, Bainimarama is still in power, the country's moving forward and you look like an even bigger idiot than you did back in 2006.
Disbarment vs Defloration said…
@ Red Dragon

So the Fiji Football Association in the guise of Dr Hari Kewal believes that former lawyer Dr Sahu Khan should not have to remove himself - "step aside" as governance principles would have it - on the grounds of his disbarment by the Independent Legal Services Commission. Oilei, Oilei! Dr Kewal have you become part of our long-going, festering problem? Of course, Dr Sahu Khan is obliged to step aside. If he fails to do so voluntarily, then he MUST be soundly pushed! He must be firmly pushed before July dawns and he fronts up to another nine charges awaiting him from complainants who surely may have justified grievances? He should welcome this opportunity to acquit himself in a forum where the ill-served Fiji Public has freedom of access. After all, you cannot surely be "disbarred" twice? Like virginity it is not to be visited a second time around?
grahame Davis Fan Club said…
Grahame Davis has guts. He has the courage to differ from the politically correct, conservative, non-analytical Aussie government line of demonizing Fiji. I wish I was on this list of collaborators. How do I get on? Is there an application form?
smell the Coffee said…
Hey Smell the Fear, the fear you smell is your own. It's the fear of being left on a wasteland of those whose corrupt racist and nationalistic ways are no longer profiteering from government approval!! Maybe time to wake up and smell the coffee instead?
camron said…
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