Ratu Tevita's "Reputable Organizations": a Reader's Comment

 Liu Muri's remarks, of course,  do not apply to all chiefs or all Methodist clergy and laiety. His remarks pertain to the politicisation of the Great Council of Chiefs, and to those people who used the church to pursue an extreme ethno-nationalist agenda. -- Croz

Liu Muri has left a new comment on your post "Ratu Tevita Changes Colours: No Applause for Coura...":

The Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church, which Mara names as reputable organisation standing up for democracy have been the biggest culprits in erosion of democracy in Fiji.

The apolitical GCC sold its soul during Speight’s coup and sided with ethno-nationalism, proving that it was a spent force, not worthy of any reverence, as they then believed that indigenous superiority meant overriding of all other human rights. They even discounted democracy in favour of indigenous rule for Fiji in perpetuity. So I cannot see how they can now stand up for democracy which they saw as foreign flower in 2000.

Similarly, the Methodist Church and Christian organisations in Fiji had been using the pulpit to spread the sermon of hatred and denigrate Indo Fijians as heathens, non-believers and idol worshippers. They openly committed sedition behind the Sulu of the padres who masqueraded as neutral while being politically nationalists and supporting Qarase’s SDL. Both these organisations deserved their wings to be clipped for abusing their respective honourable roles.

I would not expect Mara to appreciate this, as his father (may his soul rest in peace) had also not been as great an advocate of multi racialism as history makes us believe.


Nive said…
I agree with the comment that Ratu KKT Mara "had also not been as great an advocate of multi racialism as history makes us believe." His role after he lost the '87 elections up to the '87 coup has been seriously glossed over. The truth is Tevita's father and Tevita both were/are firm believers in the chiefly system (aristocrasy) and Fijian supremacy. This view is obviously not acceptable to Bainimarama & Co, and rightly so. In fact the only member of the Mara family that has behaved honourably throughout this time is the brother-in-law, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.
SOE said…
You reap what you sow! Independent and impartial judgement is now crucial to the creation and furtherance of a Just and Fair Fijian State. Why would any reasonable and sane person wish for anything less? There is now no option for 'falling short'. Falling short will not do.
Anonymous said…
The question is who give Frank/RFMF the right to decide they are more credible than SDL, NFP or FLP ?

Also if as we expect those three parties will not be able to run in the next election (I assume because despite everything ZFrank knows they can win votes) then why not come out know with the decree to disband all three. Then remove the PER and let knew parties form now.

Lets not pretend either that Frank himself follows self interest above state interest. A major reason for the coup is beause he may have lost his job and was being investigated for his role in 2000 deaths and of course sedition (ironic he wants to hang others on this). Also look at his back pay - that was none other than self interst when he knows it was not right and did extreme damage to his and governemts reputation. He knows his travel is excessive but he loves the limelight and the millage points and why not enjoy it when others have ?

I like the PM's words on racisim and the fact he continues to support the AG is evidence of that but he has not addressed the racism deep inside the military. Maybe that one is too big to tackle ?

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