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Full interview by FijiVillage: the $700,000 salary; the accusations against Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Ratu Tevita getting his stories from the blogs; and words on New Zealand.  


Right to know said…
Bainimarama is self appointed PM. He was not elected by the people. He is in control of the country for one reason and one reason only. At the moment he has the guns. Surely then it is the people's right to know how much he is paying himself?
Initially I had some hope for this regime. In time it has become apparent that the lack of openness, transparency and accountability, by those who took the nation by force, is getting worse. I no longer trust the people in this regime. Rhetoric and smoke screens are not taking Fiji forward.
Anonymous said…
and how would ever know if the Prime Minister is telling the truth ? His track record is terrible and there are no checks and balances.

That public information decree can't come soon enough but I am guessing everything government and military will stay out of reach. I guess their own charter can be ignored when you are the boss.
sara'ssista said…
I can see why this is such a fundamental issue of credibility. We would all like to know excatly how this person is exactly befitting from tax payers money. Given his oh so solemn undertaking that this was all for fif and no one will benefit from this coup....quite 'frankly' all of the spin , all of his motivations hang on this very issue. Okay for some eh!!Has there been a siatfactory explanation for why he and others just have to be paid through a relative of the illegal AG??
pasifika said…
Unfortunately the PM did not actually state the amount he is being paid hence leading to more wild specualtion. However, considering that his lifestyle is relatively modest and there has been no criticism yet of the PM keeping a fleet of cars - one each for himself, his wife and his children, or his own private helicopter and considering his apparent genuine concern for the welfare of the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community, one can modestly speculate that his salary would be in the vicinity of $100,000 considering also that the salary of Permanent Secretaries is around $80,000 annually. We can always ask him by texting - 01 - is it ?

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