Imprecise Reporting Does Not Help Understanding

 Sometimes stories from Fiji are misunderstood because they are poorly reported. Here is an  example:

Speaking at the Cakaudrove Provincial meeting that ended yesterday, the "Roko Tui, Ro Aca Mataitini said although [the Tui Cakau] Ratu Naiqama was not at the meeting he had given his apologies saying he could not attend because of personal reasons."  So far, so good.  The mainstream media cannot speculate on the likely cause of the Tui Cakau's absence but we know he is less than keen on the Baimarama government.

Fiji Village  then went on: "Roko Mataitini added that despite Ratu Naiqama's absence, the members were told, whether they like it or not, they still support the People's Charter."  I have no idea what this means? What does "despite" mean in this context? That the Tui Cakau supports the Charter? And who are they that may "like it or not" and who are "they" that "still support" the Charter. Some tikina (districts) always supported it and some opposed it. Has something changed that we don't know about?

I presume part of the problem arises from inadequate translation from the Fijian, but the sub-editors should pick this up. It may seem to be a small matter, but the stance of Cakaudrove is important and, frankly, I have no idea what it is.

I'm not picking on Fiji Village. It is no worse than the other online media, but I wish sub-editors (or, even the censors, if they are still in the news rooms!) could pick up more of these ambiguous non-items before they are published. 

Not Ratu Tevita?
And while I'm writing, people who have been claiming that the Government is trying to distance the image of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara from his illustrious father Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara,  by not referring to him as Ratu Mara, should note that most chiefs are called by their first or Christian name, and not usually by their last name. Hence, Rati Naiqama and not Ratu Lalabalavu, Adi Koila not Adi Nailatikau, King George and not King Tupou and Queen Elizabeth, not Queen Windsor.  Ratu Mara and Ratu Sukuna seem to have been exceptions.


Chemical said…

There are soundbytes attached to the article. Have you listened to those?

However, CFL properties have never been known for high journalism standards.

The article in question above is filled with Class 6 grammatical errors.
sara'ssista said…
what do you mean 'if censors are still there' ??? Wouldn't you know?? You seem to have an interestingly open relationship with the PS for information (she's very quiet these days i notice)Perhaps they won't confirm or deny it!!
pasifika said…
Ratu Tevita should be distanced from his illustrious parent, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara as his achivements to date are that of a dwarf compared to that of a collosus. Ratu Mara is surely turning in his grave at the wilful actions of his youngest son.

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