Fiji Stance Dangerous |

This is the third public statement in as many days calling for a change of policy towards Fiji. First, the Lowy Institute, then the ANZ Bank in Suva, now the former Managing Director  of ASB Securities. 

New Zealand and Australia need to urgently review their stance on Fiji or risk losing their influence in the Pacific, according to a well known Auckland businessman. Tim Preston, who was Managing Director of ASB Securities before retiring in 2006 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, says the current stand being taken by the New Zealand and Australian Governments against the present Military Regime is not working and they are playing a dangerous game by continuing to shun Fiji.
Fiji Stance Dangerous |


Dangerous for whom said…
Dangerous game for whom? It would appear the only people panicking are regime stakeholders, coup collaborators and those foreigners who stand to lose their investments in Fiji. Let us all be in no doubt. Fiji's economy, as clearly stated by Rowland, is in a bad way and is going to further seriously deteriorate very quickly. This comes as no surprise. It is what happens in coups and dictatorships - even school children know this.
The Fiji military needs to return to the barracks urgently and an administration put in place to restore democracy and freedom ASAP. If this does not happen then Bainimarama must wear the consequences. As for Australia and NZ - no problems. Once the regime is gone all can be rectified and put back on the right track within 5-7 days. Then we can get down to restoring the rule of law and bringing all those responsible for this last 4 years of chaos to justice - and move Fiji forward again.
Bet your sweet life they will! said…
@ Dangerous for whom said........

Fiji's economy has been under severe threat for years from factors outside and internal. Applying simplistic notions and arguments will solve nothing. The entire country and its economy require immediate and intelligent reform and action. However, it is difficult to see how such reform may be achieved overnight or by coercive measures. Self evidently, reform must be achieved with consent even if consent must come with pain attached as in the case of Greece/Ireland/Portugal. And what of Spain where unemployment has now risen to 21% of the population? But Spain has a comprehensive social welfare insurance system in place. Do we know what the real unemployment rate is? Do we know what the true rate of inflation is? Because taking a stab at it will not do. World Wars have been attributed to uncontainable rises in inflation. Just go back to 1939. As for your suggestion that things may be 'back on track within 5-7 days'? You must be kidding. Whom are you attempting to persuade to this nonsense? Because that is what it is. Do you suppose for one minute that three avaricious and demonstrated self-serving lawyers would have been dealt with without an Independent Legal Services Commission? Such people have infected the entire country through impunity. Are the alone in this? No, they are not. Are they going anywhere soon? No, they are not. Will they stand in elections if they are held? You bet your sweet life they will!

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