Comment-Spam: Anti-Bloggers’ Rhyme and Reason

Jean in the anti-Government blog FijiToday (To censor or not to censor: A letter from Jean d’Ark) sees a purpose behind many negative comments send to the "Freedom" blogs. And I couldn't agree with her more.  It happens also on my blog,  as you'll see below.

She says the purpose of comment-spam is to turn readers off, making blog visits "an unpleasant experience... So as the FreeBlogs are “polluted” by this kind of comment-spam, and as the Regime survives crisis after crisis, the potential for Blogger demoralization is increased. 

Likewise, if a significant percentage of FreeBlog comments are negative ... then this can deflate the righteous indignation and anger of Blog readers. Visiting the FreeBlogs then becomes a less and less rewarding experience for Democracy Advocates, and so their patronage slowly tapers off." She says this "sort of domination would never be allowed by any free media! No Newspaper would allow any single person or group to dominate its Letters to the Editor column – even if the people concerned wrote good, pertinent and sincere letters."  She thinks Fiji Today should block comment-spam and censor out negative comments, if they dominate.   I must say I've been sorely tempted to follow her recommendation. 

My blog anti- comments
I publish most anti-Government comments.  Here are some examples, mostly of those I have not published.  There’s clearly a lot of anger out there that provides a poor base for argument or dialogue.  Apologies to readers who may find some comments offensive, but it is instructive  to remind ourselves of the sorts of people who want to a “return to democracy” and the “democratically elected” SDL government of Laisenia Qarase.

Study the examples carefully to see if you can discern patterns.  For readers less familiar with Fiji, the mynah bires and mongoose is a derogatory term for Indo-Fijians.

  • Apart from getting his photo taken with mostly irrelevant people what does the yabaki actually do?
  • Croz, Does this indo-Fijian ever do anything but bleat and whinge? Go ahead, make my day punk, and publish this.
  • Did we hear an hysterical mynah bird bleating in the wind - or was it his little sister? and I slowly brought the window down....
  • Croz, lot's of comments on this dribbling load of crap - you and your mongoose mates seem to be having little impact?
  • Croz, Yes, you did jump in as expected. Maybe it is because you are anal retentive? Speaking of anal retentive Barking Yabaki's drivel will have about as much chance of getting support for the dictator as Lockington's letters to the editor on his new T shirt.....
  • Is this Rod Ewins a total fuckwit or does he have alzheimers?
  • Father Barr - extract your head from your arse - haven't you worked out yet what is happening around you with this regime you support - you heathen prick!!
  • Stick that roadmap up your arse Croz.
  • Croz. You are sounding increasingly like a desperate man.  Tik Tok....Tik Tok....
  • Just butt out croz mother fucker. Leave us Fijians alone dickhead. We could do without you white trashes supporting the treasonous lot. Just FUCK OFF.
  • Croz, You won't publish this because you are in denial. Or delusional, take your pick. Bainimarama is on borrowed time - he knows it and so do those supporting and benefitting personally from this disastrous coup. There is no way this junta will be in power until 2014.
  • Tik Tok....Tik Tok...the longer the better....more tender is the meat.
  • Croz, I'm having real difficulty trying to understand how Fiji benefits from men with guns deposing an elected government and running the country themselves? It doesn't seem to be working? Can you or your fellow coup supporters like Allen and Sharon explain it to me?
  • Richard Herr respected my backside. He is a coup apologist for a human rights abusing regime that took over an elected government because it had the guns. He has no credibility and no respect.  … Let the regime go to China - who cares - within a weak of removing Bainimarama … Fiji will be back on track again - and the Herrs of this world will be where they belong - in oblivion!! Now print that walsh!!
  • croz, You are dribbling down your chin. Time for this criminal cabal - totally rejected today by the EU and the Commonwealth - to be eliminated. Bainimarama and those who support him are trash!
  • Listen to the whining whingers. Want to give it but can't take it. Grow up you bleaters!!  … we need to get Fiji back on track and move forward again like pre Dec 5 2006.
  • Only for dipshits and pseudo academics who rely on wilkepedia. Perhaps euthenasia might be more suitable for you?


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