PM Visits Kadavu

The PM continues his provincial visits this week with a tour of Kadavu and its outlying islands, some 90 km south of the main island of Viti Levu. He will visit  Buliya, Narikoso, Vabea and Ono tikina (districts) before journeying further to the mainland districts. There he will inspect several government projects ranging from food  security programmes, seaweed and dalo projects to basic infrastructural developments. He will also open the new Vunisea Jetty on Kadavu.

His visit is part of Government intention of raising development in the rural divisions and outlying islands in accordance with Pillar 7 of the People's Charter for Change on integrated development structures at the divisional level,the provision of basic infrastructure  and the revitalization of  economic activity in the rural areas and  outer islands through the Provincial development boards.

Government has put aside $500 million for capital projects for this year - an increase of $300 million from last year’s budget. -- Based on No.898/MOI.   It goes without saying that these developments and the PM's provincial visits are also aimed at winning rural itaukei support. He has been the first PM to visit many inland villages and outlying islands.


Anonymous said…
The king visits his loyal subjects to say "I am the king, appreciate the gifts I bring. I am the good in this land"

Or is it he gets to pick up a whole bunch of extra cash every time he travels via allowances and bonuses etc (he is still commandor so assume he gets all the freebies).

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