People's Charter Pillar 7 (Provincial Development): For Discussion

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Pillar 7. Establishing an Integrated Development Structure at the Provincial Level.

Critical Problems and Issues:
  • The dual system of governance at the local level, through the Provincial and Advisory Councils, is ethnic-driven and conflicts with the vision of one nation, one people.
  • The “Fijian Administration” or Tabacakacaka i Taukei, as a system of governance for indigenous Fijians, despite some successes such as in the promotion of culture and heritage, has failed in the areas of economic and social development.
  • Coordination of efforts in the planning and execution of social and economic development programmes at the local levels remain fragmented and ineffective.

The Way Forward:
The following key measures and actions must be taken with due priority and urgency  :
Establish representative Provincial Development Boards (PDBs) for each Province by integrating the present Provincial and Advisory Councils:
For the detailed recommendations and proposed implementation actions, see the Report on the State of the Nation and the Economy.
The Ministry of Provincial Development (or equivalent) to be the central agency/ministry playing coordination role at divisional, provincial and district levels.
Effective reviews of the roles and functions of the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Department of MultiEthnic Affairs, Ministry of Urban Development, and the Ministry of Provincial Development to eliminate duplication, ensure optimum use of resources, and increase efficiency.
Indigenous Fijian development interests to be mainstreamed into national development plans and programmes with line ministries and other implementing agencies responsible for implementation.
Upgrade the professional capacity and skills at the divisional levels to ensure robustness in the delivery of development services.
The integrated Development Boards at the national, divisional, provincial and district levels are to be the key consultative and planning forums for development, in line with budget, planning and formulation processes.
· Revitalize economic activity in rural areas and the outer islands through the PDBs and provision of basic infrastructure including town and centres.
· Upgrade the skills, leadership abilities, and professionalism of staff of the PDBs.


doubtful elections said…
I'm more concerned at what the regime is doing about elections so we can return to freedom and democracy. I see no evidence of anything at all? I remain very unconvinced there will be free and fair elections in 2014. Fiji is going down a well trodden path under this regime - and the ultimate outcome is inevitable - as we are seeing now all around the world.
who's who said…
How much of the Way Forward on Pillar 7 has started and rate of progress ? Can we have a report.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Who's Who?... You've got to do some of the work yourself. For answers, you could start my looking at the numerous postings on this blog that refer to provincial/rural development.

@ doubtful elections ... You won't see much evidence at the moment and probably not much more until late this year or erly next year. That's the Roadmap that is being followed. Use the Search facility to check on the stage Fiji is at: infrastructural and institutional reforms. After this, in 2012-13, constitutional and electoral reforms. If you had been a regular reader of this blog, you would already know this. But, of course, we must all continue to be concerned that there will be free and fair elections in 2014 ... as fair as those in 2001 and 2006, which some thought fair despite the uneven size of electorates and the overt racism and threats that took place.
Doubtful elections said…
I rest my case. I am now even more concerned.
Cicero said…
@ Doubtful elections and resting your case:

Of course elections will remain in doubt until some concrete work is in place to prepare for them. But, "Doubtful elections" , you need to MAKE a case, not REST a case, surely? How, for instance, do you propose to ensure that those who have ripped the entire country off through their abuses of office down the years, are to be "held out to dry"? Do you think that early elections will aid this or hinder it? Do you think that scrapping PER will assist in this? Because, if not, then the Status Quo must obtain. Self evident. No democracy can withstand persons who hold high honours, the highest in fact within Fiji and overseas, abusing their office to steal the people's money. And, they have allegedly been up to this for years and politicians colluded with them. Do you know the truth when it stares you in the face?

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