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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And  it's good to know that.

Fuel Quality

We drove to Suva from Lautoka on the weekend and left at 5 am. The tank was empty so we filled $50 fuel at  a service station in Lautoka. When we reached Walu Bay in Suva we had to fill $20 again because the needle was sitting right  on the “E” portion of the meter. We could not risk it.

In the past, I always knew that $50 could take us to Suva and perhaps back to Lami where we would fill again. But anyway I called a friend who knows things about fuel and he said to fill from different service station in Suva who had a different fuel suppler. Just to get statistics correct I filled $50 for the return trip and I filled from a Mobil service station. When we arrived in Lautoka around 5 pm, we still had just a little below the quarter tank mark. I also noticed that when I filled at the Mobil service station I noticed a little difference in quantity. We seemed to get a little more at the Flagstaff  service station.

Now here are some burning questions. Is the petrol pump in Lautoka faulty and does not give the correct liters for $50? Is the petrol pump in Mobil Oils service station in Flagstaff incorrect and gives a little more? Which of the two pumps are correct? Does the  fuel from the service station in Lautoka burn faster because it is lighter?

Most important, are the unleaded fuels in Fiji supplied by the different oil companies, different in quality?

Perhaps the oil companies can make it their issue and do a survey to determine if fuel is indeed different in quality.  They could all give me $50 fuel to drive to Suva and back in the same car with same driver. The car would be driven at the same times of the day.

Many people only buy from one service station and don’t get to notice any difference. The reason they do this is because of loyalty to the service station, because they get monthly bills or are offered other services at competitive rates than what is offered by others. Good business is healthy competition.  We could also do a Fiji-wide test and engage and ask drivers how many kilometres they travelled for $10, $20, $50 or more of fuel.

May I suggest that vehicle owners try buying fuel from different service stations to get a better feel of what I am talking about.

And would the oil companies do the exercise with me as witness?


spassaway said…
Could you please confirm the actual litres of fuel filled into your tank before and after and the litres filled in the previvous trips please also tells the load the car was under and the time of travel.

Iam agast Croz allows such un-sceintific arguements in this otherwise exellent blog.

Allen dont dont give us these half baked grog swipping stories again.
Allen said…
Hello spassaway
It was $50 worth of fuel from empty tanks, to and from Suva. Next time I fill I will get receipts for the total quantity when i fill in Lautoka and when I fill in Suva just to compare the amount. And from different service stations. It was not a scientific research, it was just an observation.

Same load, same car, same distance, same driver same style of driving. Anyway someone called and said that there are so many factors that could have affected the fuel consumption, heavy traffic, slow, fast driving. I could get scientific but it was just an observation and I thought someone from the fuel company would take me up to prove me wrong or right.

Anyway do you work for an oil company. Contact me and we could do the exercise. I travel to Suva again next Friday and will do the exercise again.

And come and have basin of grog with me.
Allen said…
For the moment I'm sticking with Mobil.

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