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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Life after the Hisbiscus Festival
The MIC show is over, there were other “talent” shows happening around Fiji. The Hibiscus festival is over. We just had the Sugar Festival and the North is still going through with its festival. The Deans trophy is over. But hopefully we will be doing it all over again soon or next year.

For those who entered talents shows, is there life after the shows? The MIC show is a popularity show, if you read between the lines. The judges and TV viewers may have their choice of the winner, but in reality the winner is determined by the person who has the highest texts.  Many contestants were good but fell by the way because of the p…

Eid Starts Today

Eid, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, will start today with the sighting of the New Moon. Muslims around the country will celebrate by exchanging gifts, and visiting relatives and friends. Eid is a time for forgiveness, thanksgiving and celebration.

Time to Ease NZ's Sanctions Against Fiji by Michael Field

Michael Field is not my favourite journalist.  In my opinion, he too often presents sensation as news and he sometimes seems lax with his facts, but  this article, published on 6 April, was an unexpectedly balanced assessment of NZ's relations with Fiji.  At least, that's my opinion.  I thought it worth publishing here.

We Lose This Opportunity, God help Fiji, Seriously

This exchange was cut from the ABC video published some months back, probably due to lack of time. Philippa McDonald asks Bainimarama about the reforms, the constitution and why things are taking so long. Here's  a  link to the broadcast video.

The Theft, Wage Cuts, Chaudhry Takes on Government, the PER Regulations

WEEKEND READING. Allen Lockington's column, Michael Field on easing sanctions, Bainimarama on losing opportunity.

"PROUD FIJIAN" has just left this comment on the post about the the $½million theft. "Just saw a picture of the $20 note with the serial number starting with EB. The note was apparently presented by an Australian tourist who had received the note from Currency Exchange in Sydney." If the serial number is between 450,000 and 500,000, that's one of them. Only another 25,999 to go.

WORKERS WAGES TO BE CUT BY 15%? The Fiji Trade Union Congress is calling on the Fiji Sugar Corporation to enter into negotiations over a proposed pay cut for workers in the industry. The Corporation has announced a 15% pay cut across the board but the TUC says no discussions have taken place despite existing agreements with unions to enter into talks prior to any salary reduction.General Secretary  Felix Anthony says the Corporation’s plans are unfair as employees should n…

Missing Dollars, Corporate Governance, Suspicious Transactions, Solomon Logic, Squatters, MicroFinance

THE HALF-MILLION DOLLARS. Predictably, the anti-bloggers saw the Police statements that the $½ million were stolen overseas and some notes were circulating in Fiji as a police -- and therefore a Government -- cover-up. So,  if you believe this, there's not much point reading on.  The latest from the Police is that they now know where the theft occurred and now some notes entered the country and is being distributed. No further information is being revealed at this stage because it could compromise investigations.

Former Fiji High Court judge Nazhat Shameem (photo), now an independent consultant, has again drawn attention to corporate governance issues. Speaking at the Pacific Countries Ports Association Conference in Suva on Monday, Shameem said many corporate bodies do not adhere to their own procedures and rules, scoffing at them as red-tape. Corporate governance, she said, is about trust and honesty and treating other people’s asse…

Wharf Heist, PM Talks Priorities, Ro Teimumu, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, Drought Fears,

INSIDE JOB? Half a million dollars in $20 notes intended for the Reserve Bank were stolen from Kings wharf, Suva, last weekend.  The thieves cut into a container to remove the money, and some notes are already circulating in Fiji. People in Fiji and overseas readers are urged to watch out for $20 notes with serial numbers between EB 450,000 and EB 500,000. Fiji readers may ring the police toll free on 919 or 917.

(WEDNESDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2010 No:1412/FP) POLICE UPDATE ON MONEY THEFT. The Fiji Police have confirmed that the recent theft of money form a cargo container did not occur in Fiji. After preliminary investigations it can be confirm the theft was committed offshore. Fiji Police are working closely with overseas authorities and liaisons in this investigation. Further details cannot be revealed at this stage as it may hinder the investigation as it has now become multi-jurisdictional. Investigation is ongoing.


Premature Statement on Electoral Reform, Chiefs are Not the People, Squatters Praise Government, Mission Abuses of Office

A VOTE BEFORE TIME. I'm not sure on whose authority Strategic Framework for Change Coordinator Lote Raboila has announced that voting will not be compulsory for the 2014 elections. He says people will be given the choice whether to vote or not to vote according to Pillar One of the People's Charter. Pillar One makes no specific reference to compulsory or voluntary voting. But, more importantly, I wonder what this has to do with the SFC Office?

Isn't it up to the people who will be involved in the electoral reform process to make recommendations on all matters of electoral reform?  Government may give "advance notice" of what it would like, but their views should not be stated as facts before the event.

ALL PROVINCES NOW SUPPORT CHARTER. The Permanent Secretary PM's Office Col. Pio Tikoduadua, reports that Government now has the support of the 14 provinces in the country. He says even though some chiefs have yet to show their support, they have received assuran…

Sad When Domestic Violence Turns Political, Tovata Support But Where's the Work on Ethnic Interaction?

WHEN EVEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TURNS POLITICAL.  In what seemed to be a stand-off slinging  match, the Fiji Womens' Crisis Centre Shamima Ali claimed the Domestic Violence Decree promulgated last December was not in force and is not being implemented. Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khiayum disagreed, saying the decree is in force and is being implemented and Ali is misinforming the public.

To which Shamima replied: "You should check with the courts before slandering us. I never lie about these things. Why don't you talk to me? You all should get your facts right, right hand should know what left is doing ... the Womens' Crisis Centre has more integrity than most. We will never let our women down for our personal gains."

To which Aiyaz responded  that Shamima's information was incorrect. The Decree is very much in operation.  For example, the number of restraining orders that have been issued at all levels. "But if the FWCC believes the Police are not doing th…

Roadmap, Police Recruitment and CCF Issues, the "Rumours," Andy Haden, Indonesian Crafts, Naitasiri Imatanigasau

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THE ROADMAP. Some readers say no progress is being made on the Roadmap.  This is because they equate "progress" with electoral reform and elections, which are to come later. The misunderstanding could in part be due to the use of the shorthand Roadmap but its full title -- Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development 2009 to 2014 -- is a little cumbersome.

This item (click the hyperlink) outlining the main features of the "Roadmap" was published on this blog over a year ago! Lots of progress is being made on the sustainable socio-economic development front. Check them off against what has been done,  much of which has been published on this blog but not, unsurprisingly, by the anti-government blogs and the overseas media.  So much for their claims to balanced reporting.

POLICE STOP RECRUITMENT. Acting Police Commissioner Joeli Baleilevuka (photo) has stopped further recruitment and suspended transfers.