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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Talk Softly to Your Kids
It was reported on the BBC that a Devon, England, man who hit his baby son must pay him £50.

"A father who hit his baby son because he knocked a photo frame off a television has been ordered to pay him £50 compensation. The man, who cannot be named, lost his temper when the 10-month-old hit the television with his baby bouncer, Exeter magistrates heard. The 24-year-old man, from Okehampton, Devon, admitted assault and was given a 16-week jail term suspended for a year.

"He was also ordered to complete 60 hours of community service. The court heard that the incident happened last December. The child had facial injuries.&…

Village "Floggings," Blog Vandals, IMF/ADB & the "Democracy" Lobby, Land Reform, Pubic Service Exhibition

Scroll down to see new Na Sala Cava questions. Which path forward for Fiji?

Click on "Comments" below to see what at least one person is prepared to do to disrupt dialogue between moderately-minded readers. See also below "Blog Vandals at Work Again."

VILLAGE FLOGGINGS? JUNGLE LAW? The Village By-Laws proposed by Government have produced much media misinformation.

Na Sala Cava New Website, Sun Rises Again, Aus-NZ-Fiji, Beddoes, Sugar Leases, Samoa "Pot"

NA SALA CAVA?  Two new "Way Forward" questions (#4-5)  will be posted tomorrow Friday at noon. Scroll down to see the first three questions and comments.

NEW BLOG SITE. Instead of summarizing the comments as previously intended,  I have opened a new blog site, Na Sala Cavu? Which Path Forward for Fiji? Click here here  to check it out how it looks for #1-3 .  More details tomorrow.

FIJI SUN RISES AGAIN. The Fiji Sun 'article' lauding the PM, criticized so strongly by this blog and readers, was not a hoax but neither was it an article. It was, in fact, a letter to the editor published by the Sun last Saturday and uploaded, more of less automatically, to the Sun's website.

AUSNZ OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY, FIJI, PACIFIC. PM Bainimarama has  condemned the PI Forum Secretariat for not including Fiji in trade and development talks being funded by the European Union. Bainimarama says the EU has provided funds through the Forum Secretariat for trade and development talks …

MSG Invitations Significant, Poverty & Social Wage, FNPF Devaluation, Nurses, RKS Apology

NA SALA CAVA?  Readers are urged to scroll down to the three "Way Forward" questions, read what others think, and add their own comments.Today is the last day for comments that I'll summarize this week before postingmore question on Friday.
THE SUN ARTICLE.I think some people are reading too much into the Fiji Sun article I criticized yesterday. Many readers agreed with me that the article did Government no favours. I'm sure the PM was embarrassed by its publication.  It was "way over the top", but the article was not typical. Far from it. Most Sun articles are at least as professional as other media, and their coverage often much better.  Anti-Government readers should spare their criticism for The Fiji Times whose typical lack of coverage favourable to Government is constantly  "way over the top"  -- although it seems to have improved a little lately.

A reader commented: You're right, Croz. Anyone who has any sympathy with the regime at all …

Fiji Sun Sinks Low, "Fascist Lord Haw Haw," FNPF, Visits to Lau & Rotuma

NA SALA CAVA? Readers are urged to scroll down to the three "Way Forward" questions, read what others think, and add their own comments. I will summarize these on Wednesday and post a further question for discussion.
A READER ASKS WHY I've deleted and not explained why I've deleted a number of Na Sala Cava comments. Blogspot does not give me the option of saying why I delete a comment. The comments were deleted because they broke "Comment Rules". Click tag at top of this page and above the box in which comments are made. No comment is ever deleted for the political opinion expressed if it abides by the rules.

(-) FIJI SUN SINKS VERY LOW. If I hadn't lifted this sick article directly from the Sun's online website, I'd assume it was a hoax. Some sarcasm in an anti-government blog. But it's the Sun and it almost deifies Bainimarama. Many people know that the PM has achieved a great deal in the past four years. But more than Ratu Mara? We…

Rotuma Day, Hurricane Tomas Costs, AusNZ Aid, Flashback: Qarase on Bainimarama

NA SALA CAVA?  Readers are urged to scroll down to the three "Way Forward" questions, read what others think, and add their own comments. I will summarize these on Wednesay and post a further question for your consideration.

ROTUMA DAY, marking the anniversary of the island's cessation to Britain in 1881, is usually  celebrated on May 13 or the following Saturday. Fiji Rotuman Association chairman Roy Fiu used the occasion to highlight awareness about culture and language that many born outside Rotuma know little about.

Speaking on the second day of the celebrations in Suva, PM Bainimarama said one of Government's visions is to make Rotuma a well developed Island. Work has alreadsy been done to make Rotuma a port of entry and the first direct exports to Tuvalu had gone ahead as planned, but the $15 million airport concfrete runway upgrade planned for this year had been delayed. The PM saidCabinet has already approved additional funding and they are on the verge of see…