Happy Diwali Everyone

Diwali a time to come together: PM

Diwali is a time that Fiji comes together as a nation - despite the different religious backgrounds, says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. In his Diwali message . Bainimarama is urging everyone to purse the goals of equality, stability and peace. He says while Diwali celebrations were initially limited to the Hindu religion – other cultures have embraced this yearly event.
Bainimarama says this is testimony not only to the increasing tolerant nature of our communities – but more importantly to the fact that Diwali has a universal appeal which transcends all barriers.  Bainimarama adds the true spirit of Diwali pursues peace and prosperity and it comes to those who genuinely seek it. -- FBCL.


sara'ssista said…
But what he was thinking....i am here for me and to protect the military regime, then i will fix the roads...agree with us or go to hell and leave the country... and don't think you will ever get the oportunity tio audit us, hold us to account or actaully have a democratically elected government under a new constituion that will actually be allowed to govern without our blessing. Yes happy diwali to you too. Do you really think this has improved relation between the races?? This nothing but a postponement of bitterness and retributuion and a lost opportunity, again thanks to the militray and their cronies.
Can't we have a ssista free Diwali? said…
Croz, this is becoming really tedious. We can't even have a message from the PM at Diwali without it being turned into a political football by the likes of sara'ssista. I wouldn't mind if she had something new or original to say but this is too much. I'm sure someone of your vintage would remember the old BBC program "My Word". Host Steve Race used to cut people off for repetition. Time to do the same with this ubiquitous correspondent of yours. She keeps flaring up like a old football injury. A right royal pain in the butt.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Can't we have ...
I've asked Sara'ssista several times about this and I think there has been some improvement. My problem is that her comments are among the better of the anti-government comments I receive, and if I reject hers there will be few left, making it even more difficult to maintain a balanced blog. Moreover, compared with most comments on anti-govt blogsites, hers are politely worded with few threats and only the odd hint of racism. Give me Saras'sista's comments any time to those on the anti- blogs.

@ Sara'ssista ... You know I've not published all your comments, and this is the reason. Many are repetitious. Your comments are still welcome but please, break some new ground. Can't we have ... does have a point.
Sara'ssista's Diwali dirge said…
But what was she thinking...I am here for me and to distort everything the regime does for the SDL's purposes...agree with us or go to hell...and don't think you'll ever get the opportunity to be heard...yes, happy diwali to you too.

Sound familiar, sara'ssista? Not very interesting is it? Why not take a holiday too?
Valid said…
An argument does not have to be new to be valid. Sara'ssista's arguments are valid.

It has been repeatedly said the former government was etho-nationist...repeating it does not make it any more invalid.

This is a defacto governent that came into power by the barrel of a gun. They don't listen, they don't tolerate alternate views and its their way or the highway. Repeating it does not make the comments invalid.
keep at it said…
@ sara'ssista

Keep on posting. The moment Croz edits your comment is moment his site is no better than C4.5

You are consistent and clear. Solider on please.

If only our former politicians had some spine....
sara'ssista said…
Actually, i appreciate the feedback and i do take the point that i am not only talking to new bloggers.I am not aware of the odd hint at racism, but i expect it would be brought to my attention. I am as flawed as the next person.
I am thrilled that peopl feel able to celebrate together, but i cannot accept that the interim PM/military regime is going to benefit this country and is the key to 'peace and prosperity'. You need good will and a mandate for that and some basic respect for human rights and free speech.
snoopy said…
Happy Diwali Croz and your readers!!
Cicero said…
@ If only our former politicians had some spine?

Let's hear what former Australian PM Paul Keating had to say:

"He is simply a shiver, looking for a spine to run up".

Does that fit? All 36 of them?

Happy Diwali!

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