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THE WAY FORWARD: COMMENT OF THE WEEK. Seize The Moment has left a new comment on your post "Brij Lal's Book on Jai Ram Reddy":  

"Transition, you are absolutely right and the wonder is that the regime isn't moving faster on at least some of these fronts, even to give an appearance of progress. Little of what you suggest (see below)  is difficult.

"Even a little window dressing like formally calling for submissions for a national body to prepare for 2014 would give the regime something to show the international community.

"I know that elements within the regime are pressing for the lifting of the PER but this is being resisted at senior level. Why? They're waiting to see how the Fiji Times evolves under its new ownership and are still concerned about the general level of mischief making, like the rumours of Drita and Mara confronting the PM.

"The regime has been trying very hard to get more civilians to take up official roles. I know several people who've been approached and were obliged to politely decline because they simply couldn't be barred from Australia and NZ on personal grounds.

"But you're right. The regime needs to seize the initiative and show that it's serious about meeting its commitments. Maybe it's a question of resources. The regime is certainly more focused right now on better service delivery for ordinary people in Fiji than effectively selling its message abroad.

Transition said... " Croz, I agree with most of the points above. This is exactly why: 
1. The work on a new constitution, election reform and dialogue must start earlier than 2014;  
2. The PER must be lifted now;
3. We need to see the military step back from civil roles (with good people stepping in) .

"Otherwise we will try and go from a controlling, censored dictatorship to democracy in a year and it won't work."

CLEAN WATER FOR ALL FIJI: NEW WATER TREATMENT SETUP. The Water Authority is urging government to purchase 50 water treatment plants costing $115m instead of the six plants presently planned for the same price. FWA chief executive officer Tony Fullman said the standalone WetSep system was a more feasible alternative to the construction of the three water and three sewerage plants planned.  They will cost no more; be able to service a much wider area; they are environmentally friendly (they use solar power, treated waste is returned safely to the environment, and they will help reduce the country’s fuel import bill). Further, they will take only two years to install instead of six, and will use an area the size of a car park compared with the 15 acres required by standard treatment plants.Fullan said, “It requires minimum maintenance. We can hook it up in any village, any island and we can serve up to 10,000-20,000 people and that covers most of our islands. If we are going to go with this system, I think within 18 months, we can get the whole population of Fiji covered.” The system, invented by Waste Water Technologies Limited based in Singapore, will be trialled by WAF next year. -- Based on 2010 No: 1825/MOE.

Puisne Judge Justice Graham Cottle has joined the High Court Criminal Division bench. He was appointed a UK Circuit Judge in 1993 and authorised to try serious sexual, murder and manslaughter cases. From 1995 to 2000 he lectured on law to students from the Universities of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Beijing. From 2001 he was a resident judge of the Exeter Crown Court in the UK.  -- Based on 2010 No:1809/MOI.

. Secretary Clinton delivers remarks at the East-West Center in Hawaii on America's engagement with the Asia Pacific region. Click here.

FORUM SECRETARIAT BLOCK FIJI REPORT.  The Secretariat hired Dr Steve Ratuva to write the Fiji section on Pacific Good Leadership in 2008-09 but chose not to publish it. Geraldine Coutts of ABC's Pacific Beat tries to get to the reason why but I'm no wiser from listening to the interview.  Anyone got any idea what this is all about? Click here to listen.

. Speaking at the military commemoration for the three loyal soldiers who died in the 2000 mutiny, the PM said the military had to remove the Qarase government because it was taking the country back to 2000 and what George Speight and his group wanted at that time. We will not go back to the dark days of 2000. The PM thought the mindset of a lot of people has now changed, knowing that the People's Charter is a vision that will benefit everyone in the country.

A delegation of 52 men led by Ratu Saiyasi Rogoyawa from Lovoni tikina in Ovalau presented their "matanigasau" to the PM and the military asking forgiveness for their actions in 2000. Ratu Sauyasi said their burning of the Masonic Hall in Levuka was influenced by an clan member who was in the rebellious Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit. -- Based partly on 2010, No:1828/MOI.

MILITARY REAFFIRM LOYALTY. RFMF Chief of Staff Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz, speaking of the Commemoration,  said the day was not only for those who died. It also commemorated those who had stood together to repel the attacks by a section of the Counter Revolutionary Warefarre Unit. “On 2nd November 2000 the members of RFMF in togetherness defended the barracks and represented the unity that existed amongst the force and the allegiance they had placed with the Commander. This morning a similar pledge was placed - and the pledge is that there is unity in the force and this unity is unquestionable.

Council chief executive Premila Kumar  says the current process and method used by the Commission in using evidence-based pricing and costing from suppliers addresses one of the weaknesses of the old price control regime.  She commends the Commerce Commission for its review of the outdated Price Control Order of 1970.

CHURCH AND STATE. The Director of Public Prosecutions has withdrawn conspiracy charges laid against 36 Methodist church ministers but the charges against the President of the Methodist church, Rev. Ame Tugaue, and Rev.Tuikilakila Waqairatu who are charged with organising an unlawful meeting, still stand.

Charges of unlawful assembly under PER against former President Rev.Tomasi Kanailagi and Rev.Manasa Lasaro remain. Both men are itaukei racists who supported the Speight Coup in 2000. It surprises me they they have not been banished long ago from having any influence in a Christian church. They have done much to foment unrest and agitation against the Bainimarama government and I think it highly probably that had it not been for them,  the mutually damaging standoff between church and state would not have occurred.


sara'ssista said…
i have no doubt even Transition will be attacked for not being 'supportive enough' by coup apologists and having th audacity to askt hat there be some tangible progress. You will get no thanks and even less of an ear from this regime. I am happy to identify that as there a nother jdge being appiointed then clearly fiji is able to secure judges when it wants and as there are no names provided i am still yet to hear of eaxactly who ever seriously considers taking a position with an illegal militray regime. I am happy to use the excuswe this regime uses, there is 'no clear evidence of that sanctions have discouraged worthy people from taking a position if they want.Probably beacuse i couldn't be bothered getting any evidence either.BTW it would be conclusion that if there appears to be groups of morallly flexible natives prepared to offer an 'apology!?'to this militray regime , then lets step sanction to reverse this naive attempt at placating a tyrant. lets have naval blockade and cease all flights to/from Aus and Nz. If they are so supportive then thay can moan along with regime bleating about a lack of recogition.
PM Dreaming said…
The PM says "we will not go back to 2000". Cearly he HAS GONE BACK TO 2000. The main differenc is that it was him conducting the coup this time. How he continues to think of others coups as "bad" and his coup as "good" are beyound me.

He did his job in 2000 (partly at least, he should have put labour back into power). He failed to do his job in 2006 - he was the problem.
more people died said…
That's strange, our PM makes no mention of the 5 soliders that later died at his soldiers hands after they had been arrested. It is also called murder.
Understandable if not justifiable said…
"More people", murder? Are you kidding? These guys were rebels who mutinied and killed their fellow soldiers. What the hell do you expect? If I'd have been running the place, I think I'd have shot them on the spot. as is a commander's prerogative in battle. Frank isn't so impetuous but has never apologised for what happened later when his enraged and traumatised men took the law into their own hands. You can call it rough justice if you like and no-one is comfortable with what happened. But it was the mutineers who were the murderers, with their premeditated assault on innocent fellow soldiers. They got what was coming to them, big time. Get over it.
Shoot on the spot said…
@understandable if not justifiable.
Agree with your sentiments - as does Croz obviously, as he published your comments: coup perpetrators and supporters should get the summary action you recommend!
Utter Folly said…
@ sara'ssista's "nother judge being appointed"....

Surely, you do not begrudge us a 'nother judge'? Particularly one with such appropriate credentials? We have sexual offenders of all stripes charged, remanded and awaiting trial. We have victims of rape who have been obliged to leave Fiji for safety elsewhere and you rattle on about 'nother judge' appointed? Have you taken leave of your senses? We need as many sound and effective judges as we may have. We are honoured and humbled that they should choose to come to serve us and the victims of violent, sadistic attacks. Another widow awaits justice, her husband foully murdered at Tuvu, Ba and you crow about one more honourable judge appointed to serve? May heaven help you!
sara'ssista said…
As I recall, you had judges and this regime sacked them and continues to sack them without feeling the need for any explanation.
Who's for turning....? said…
@ Transition said......

What, precisely, is your definition of 'good people'? It would be interesting to know. Have you carefully thought this one through? People with: knowledge, professional expertise, good ethics, understanding, ideas of 'comme il faut',........or what? It makes us impatient this "Woolly Thinking" and loose expression. Fiji is a small country with very limited human resources. The EU and others "peel off" - when it is precisely their resources- especially human we have needed (for twenty years or more) and their willing assistance to prevent more failures in a nation severely stressed since 1987. Is it not extraordinarily revealing that we hear nothing at all now from all those 'experts' we voted into power in subverted and manipulated elections in May 2006? All those whom the EU and other observers found so cleanly and properly elected? The EU and Others were grossly mistaken and their findings were ill-founded. It is now time for them to admit this, show just a modicum of humility and demonstrate "they ARE indeed for turning"! The ill-advised loan of US$150m taken on for 'running expenses' is now due for repayment. If there were to be only one measure of assessment of the sagacity of the Government of May 2006 - this is it.

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