Sydney Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement Rally

FDFM RALLY SATURDAY 2 OCT. SYDNEY. Posted by Sevu Waqa on the The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement website:

Come and hear two well known Fijian Political Commentators bring you an update on Fiji’s Current Political Situation as we witness in the last few weeks the tumultuous situation of the last four years gather pace. Hon. Simione Kaitani, Elected Member for Lomaiviti and deposed former cabinet minister; Mr Tui Savu, Legal Practitioner.

The rally, according to the Australian Network News, was "preceded by a meeting of the movement's leaders from all across Australia to plan their strategy on how to influence the Australian government to maintain pressure on the interim government of coup leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama." Rally organizers expect about 300 people and hope to attract more support from the Indo-Fijian community in Australia, which has so far been more supportive of the 2006 coup."

The FDFM is essentially an ethic Fijian pressure group whose proclaimed vision is the "restoration of a Democratic and Free Fiji under the 1997 Constitution." In other words, the situation that existed before 2006 with its race-based parties and policies, and the SDL party firmly in power. I don't know a great deal about Tui Savu other than he was a senior executive in Rabuka's SVT Party during the 1990s and that some in Fiji call him a "discredited lawyer" but there's no secret about Kaitani's backgound.

It is claimed by Adi Koila Nailatikau that during the Speight Coup in 2000 when she and other members of the FLP-led government were held hostage at the parliamentary complex, Kaitani made speeches against her father Ratu Mara, then Fiji's President, and he was clearly a prominent Speight supporter. He was later charged with signing an oath to Speight but was acquitted by Judge Anthony Gates (now the Chief Justice) because of insufficient evidence. Kaitani had denied the charge, saying he was at the complex only as a negotiator.

He was, however, a minister in the Qarase government and was associated with all of its race-biased and divisive legislation. He stepped aside from a ministerial position to allow Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, the Tui Cakau, head of the Tovata Confederacy, to rejoin Cabinet. Lalabalavu had been a leader and MP for the ultra-nationalist CAMV party ('Britain should pay to repatriate Indo-Fijians to India') that merged with Qarase's SDL party in 2001 when he became an SDL Cabinet Minister. He was charged and found guilty of being a leader of the Speight Coup but was released early from prison (thanks to Qarase's intervention).

Kaitani's link -- and hence the FDFM link -- to extreme nationalism and the notion of ethnic Fijian paramountcy would be difficult to disprove. I would be surprised if any Indo-Fijian joins them!  It is hoped the Australian Government also recognizes them for who and what they are.


Thakur Ranjit Singh, Auckland said…
What a big joke for democracy the Sydney -style. They are having the Dracula KAITANI guarding the blood bank DEMOCRACY. This is the same Kaitani who went with me on CLOSE UP on Fiji TV in February, 2003 on debate on sedition. A footage from Larry Thomas's (USP)" A Race for Rights" where Kaitani was shown giving an inciting speech, urging the villagers collected at Sukuna Park, to depose "Indian, Satan' Chaudhry" , just before the march that resulted in takeover of Fiji Parliament. This Kaitani admitted on national programme Close Up to have committed SEDITION. He was never charged (See Fiji Times of February 11 and 12, 2003). In fact, Qarase promoted him to full Cabinet post of Minister of Information. This Kaitani who was responsible for rape of democracy during Chaudhry rule and who was named as Speight's illegal Minister for Information is going to address the i-Taukei on Democracy in Sydney. The biggest joke of the century.

So, he was to address Fijians on democracy in Sydney- the same way he was misleading Fijians on democracy at Sukuna Park on 19 May, 2000- that the meaning of democracy in Fiji is that Fijians always win elections and run the government. That is Kaitani’s definition of democracy. Is this the model of Democracy that Australian government is promoting – the democracy of ethno-nationalism? This indeed is classic case of Rape of Democracy, promoted by the Australian government.
Anonymous said…
Kaitani misled a lot of Fijians prior to the violent removal of the Chaudhary Government. I don't believe his message and position would have changed 10 years on, since he has not publicly expressed repentance or remorse for his role in the 2000 coup.

Imprimatur said…
@ Niumadu

If Kaitani's message and position have not changed in the past ten years, we would need to ask ourselves why? It is insufficient to fail to do this in the situation in which Fiji now finds itself. Why have these misguided people failed to progress to mindsets for a better, safer and more secure Fiji? A Fiji which will benfit itself and all those who live within her borders. To not be open to change is the life of a dinosaur - with only one end in view. "Adapt or die" - the Darwinian imperative is just as true in the global economic field. As ssential to survival as the French, the Spanish, the Greeks, the Latvians and even the Americans are painfully learning all over again.Economic reforms and increased GDP are fundamental to survival in today's globalised world. "The strain of civilisation" - as Sir Karl Popper would have it. Unfortunately, unavoidable for us all in the 21st century. Did Netani Rika, the ousted Editor in Chief of the Fiji Times ever fully grasp this? And if not, why?

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