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someone is lying again said…

I see the PER was extended again this week. The PM likes to berate those who point out any issues in Fiji. He claims evrything is normal and better. If so why the need for a PER. What is the public emergency ? The PM is either lying about the situation in Fiji or lying about the need for a PER. Either way he is lying.

Also the PM and many others have criticised various countries travel warnings on Fiji. How can any country not warn about Fiji if there is a state of emergency requiry a public emergency decree ?

While a coup supported I know you have made a little noise about the PER, will you still be singing the pm's praises if the PER is in place in 2014 ?
roadmap said…
With many call for the government to publish its
so called Road to democracy many suggested
it was real document if only in draft.
Croz - you seemed certain. I have my
doubts as it has been many many months
Since the calls to see it and no one
has leaked anything.

Still confident Croz ?
More leave said…
anti-government blogs are alive today with the usual 'trouble at camp' stuff. Probably just rubbish and maybe Driti is just going on 6 months leave.

A real question that has to be raised though is how he has managed to have 6 months leave up his sleeve ? Has everyone in the RFMF been working so hard or lilke the PM is it common practice to have leave without actually recording it so you always have a bunch up your sleeve ?
Give up said…
@ roadmap

Give up my friend. I does not exist.
Leadership includes being flexible said…
The positive-critics including myself think 2012 is far too late to start consultations, work on a new constitution and election reforms.

The PM as indicated that there is no way he will allow an election before 2014. He says because they have to carry out economic and public service reform first. He sometimes hints elections could be deferred.

Other critics (including many on this blog) have suggested starting the work scheduled for 2012 now and even bring the elections forward by as little as 6months. These are sensible and reasonable compromise suggestions keep falling on death ears. My suggestion is start the 2012 work now anyway….the PM could still hold the election off to 2014 if he chooses.

The international community is unlikely to change its tune for as long as the PM remains a hard line on 2014 and is likely to have a field day if he misses that deadline by even a day.

My personal view is the PM needs to drop into Queen Elizabeth barracks TODAY and drop a few things off. He should drop off and lock up his ‘lack of flexibility’, ‘his failure to listen’ and ‘his stubbornness’. A good place to put them would be under lock and key in the same place they keep the ammunitions. There is no need for those traits now – this is not a war.

On his way back to his office (he should be feeling a lot lighter and happier now) he could stop by somewhere like the CCF and pick up some humility, some compromise and alternate views.

He can keep his principles, his ideals and vision.

The PM is our self appointed leader. He has to change his approach to how he leads. Do this and even this hard nosed critic might follow.
Elusive roadmap said…
Maybe the roadmap is really the PER?

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