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THE ROADMAP. Some readers say no progress is being made on the Roadmap.  This is because they equate "progress" with electoral reform and elections, which are to come later. The misunderstanding could in part be due to the use of the shorthand Roadmap but its full title -- Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development 2009 to 2014 -- is a little cumbersome.

This item (click the hyperlink) outlining the main features of the "Roadmap" was published on this blog over a year ago! Lots of progress is being made on the sustainable socio-economic development front. Check them off against what has been done,  much of which has been published on this blog but not, unsurprisingly, by the anti-government blogs and the overseas media.  So much for their claims to balanced reporting.

POLICE STOP RECRUITMENT. Acting Police Commissioner Joeli Baleilevuka (photo) has stopped further recruitment and suspended transfers.  He said the 3,098 officers is sufficient and stressed that the Force must focus on its core functions. Referring obliquely to his predecessor, he said each member has free choice to exercise his or her own religious belief. Baleilevuka has started meeting all officers in the three divisions to set out new directions, starting in the Southern Division before moving over to the Eastern, Western and finally the Northern Division. The post of Police Commissioner has been advertised in the Fiji Sun by the Public Service Commission.

[At the time of the 1996, the last one I have been able to analyze, there were 2,728 police officers of whom 63% were ethnic Fijian, 33% Indo-Fijian and 9% women. While it is important to recruit according to need and the calibre of applicants, the police ethnic profile needs to roughly reflect society. The Fiji Police Force, more than any other source of employment,  used to reflect this profile. If if does not today, selective recruitment should remain open to ensure that it does. This is not racism; it's commonsense and what one would expect in a democratic society.] 

CCF ON TELENI, AND TELENI'S REPLACEMENT.  Extract from statement by the Citizen's Constitutional Forum: "We felt that the basic human rights principle of the Right to Equality and Freedom of Religion and Belief were endangered when racist rhetoric was allowed to go unchallenged. CCF believes that leaders in state institutions should set a good example to their followers on the basic principles of human rights. Freedom of Religion and Belief is a core human right entitlement which intends to achieve peace and harmony in the world through religious tolerance.

"Now that Teleni has stepped down voluntarily from the post we think that any reappointment to other working places in Government should be made through normal PSC procedures and proper and transparent processes.[It is. See above item.] Due consideration should also be given to the fact that all civil servants and military officers of Fiji need to set a good example to the nation by strict adherence to principles of human rights. "A diverse multi-racial and multi-religious country such as Fiji needs civil servants, and particularly those in position of leadership, who are unbiased towards race and religion." Extract.

CAFE PACIFIC.  I see Cafe Pacific has also  published my rebuttal to Tupuola's coup-within- a-coup" fantasy item published by Pacific Scoop. Thank you, CP.

 STICKY STORY. I see CoupFourPointFive is "still sticking" by its Victor Lal story that the Military Council has told the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, to quit, despite top-level denials. In fact, it claimed both Sayed-Khaiyum and Christopher Pryde, the Solicitor-General also condemned by the Military Council, had already packed their bags, despite them having been seen at work after they were supposed to be no longer at work, and three days later they were still there. The blog  also accepted a comment on its post that 90% of the Military are gay.  What next?  And who cares whether the military is one or  99% gay.

ANDY HADEN'S MESSAGE FOR NZ POLITICIANS. Former All Blacks captain Andy Haden who was in Fiji over the weekend for Air Pacific Celebrity Pro Am golf tournament has a  strong message for politicians back in New Zealand who are not supporting Fiji and its current situation.  Listen to the video.

INDONESIAN CRAFTSMAN TO HELP WOMEN. A collaborative partnership between the Ministry of Social Welfare, Women, and Poverty Alleviation and Indonesia will see the arrival of Mr Supriyono Fransiscus Xaverius to conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) workshops for bamboo, coconut and batik crafting from 6th September to 29th of October.  He will seek to enhance existing skills and more fully utilize natural resources as a means of creating an additional source of rural women's income. It is hoped the new products will sell on local and international markets. The initiative is part of the Roadmap to promote alternative and additional livelihood for women, especially in rural areas.

The two months training will be conducted in four training sessions comprising of 25 women per session. This will produce 100 trainers who will, in turn, train other women in their respective villages and communities. -- Based on 2010 No:1392/MOI.

FOLLOW UP ON THE NAITASIRI IMATANIGASAU.  Two busloads of men and women including chiefs of all 16 Naitasiri tikina (districts) converged at the PM's residence on Thursday evening when the chiefs presented their imatanigasau (traditional apology) for past indiscretions and pledged their support to the Prime Minister and his Government. In return, The PM said he was "very grateful for this gesture...that signifies unity as well as your appreciation of Government’s policies and vision."

“Today is a new beginning for the province and my Government. We should engage often in such forums to discuss issues that will benefit Fiji, especially our future generation. We need to emphasize to our people and children the importance of unity for it is the essence of prosperity. Successful changes will only happen when people are united over a common goal,” the PM said.-- Based on 2010 No:1389/MOI.

The apology was also made on behalf of Naitasiri high chief, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata who is serving a seven year prison sentence after being convicted for conspiracy to murder the Prime Minister. The delegation included Ratu Inoke's wife, Adi Lagamu Takiveikata.-- Based on Fiji Village.


Past Indiscretions? said…
@ Matanigasau on behalf of Naitasiri

One would sincerely trust that the phrase "past indiscretions" was not used. Having met with some of the internally displaced people from Muaniweni three days after their homes were burned down, their livestock slaughtered or stolen, they had spent three nights in the jungle and then escaped to Lautoka to safety, this alleged phrase "past indiscretions" is a severe form of euphemism. A complete and total facing the facts is required. We went through a charade of reconciliation before where no attempt was made to confront what was done honestly and fully. Until that occurs, there will be repetitions of such conduct and only a surface-realisation will have ensued. This is absolutely insufficient for the full functioning of a state. Watch Iraq closely. Watch Pakistan closely. A cultural inhibition in both countries militates against functionality. This formula is the same - everywhere. It has to be fixed in full.
2007 Roadmap said…
For balance I suggest readers also read "Road Map for the Return to Parliamentary Democracy".

or see the link on Croz's page (scroll down).

It is very reasonable in my view to be very concerned that having promised the same things back in 2007 (and delivered very little since) that we are now asked to
believe in a new Road Map. Worse still this new roadmap promises to do nothing in the important areas electoral reform and a new constituion until 2012.
Government not helping said…

I suggest much of the confusion comes from the PM and his team. Only two weeks ago we had reports of Chiefs being briefed on the progreass on the "Roadmap to Parlimentary Democracy". If that was the case it would have been a very very short briefing eg "we have done nothing and we intend to do nothing until 2012".

At the Natadola meeting they also said they gave a update on the "Roadmap to democracy". More correctly they should say we are "taking the opportunity to reform a few bits and pieces and if all goes well we will work on all the that democracy stuff which we are not convinced on later...."

Yes they are getting on with running government and have put a few reforms through. Many of us though, rightfully want a overlap of the bits that will get us away from military rule and back to democracy.
What's in a name? Plenty said…
Croz, adopting the term roadmap does imply a document with detailed instructions to a final destination. And maybe that's the problem here. The process you describe and defend might have been better termed an interim situation report or even a blueprint. But a roadmap? Aren't people entitled to ask "Na sala cava?" or " O lako i vei? That seems to be what's happening here. I certainly don't think anyone can be blamed under the circumstances for wondering why the regime would have a roadmap if it doesn't lead anywhere. And preferably by the shortest possible route. But that's another argument, of course.
208 weeks and counting down said…
Mr Walsh,

Perhaps you could start a countdown to elections on your blog. Wih a countdown meter on the top right hand side of the page ?

208 Weeks to go till elections...

199 Weeks since the military coup...
Publish it please said…
There is a simple way for this government to silence all it's critics - PUBLISH THE ROADMAP.

There has been countless call for this and we now know the PM's teams most definately read the blogs (eg response to other rumours).

So how about MR PM - publish the Roadmap !
Lost said…
Roadmap or not in many areas ths government seems lost especially on Sugar. This is a portfolio the PM personally carries along with Finance. What is he going to do ?
Joe said…
Is this what you call a roadmap Croz? It is more like a "to do" list that all of us enter into our mobiles/PDAs. And this govt expects larger democracies like OZ & NZ to accept this rubbish?
Now to some points on the "to do" list:
"More outsourcing to the private sector"

"Rewriting of town and country planning laws that impede development "

"Continuing work on reducing corruption"

"Upgrading police infrastructure: communications, transport, forensic tools"

"Seek to empower the marginalized and address areas of neglect."

"Develop "pro-growth and pro-poor" policies in co-operation with financial institutions and the private sector"
roadmap fantasy said…
The elusive roadmap appears to go straight down a cassava patch.
good work said…
For a pro-coup, pro-military blog site there seems to be a lot of people upset about the Roadmap.

Us true believers trust in Frank and the RFMF. They are true soliders and will do the right hting by Fiji. I trust in them and god.
. said…
@ 2007 Roadmap ... A timely reminder of what was, before June 2009, when the Appeal Court Judges' ruling sparked the re-write of many things, including the Roadmap.

@ 208 Weeks ... A good idea. I've spent a few hours trying to find a suitable widget, and will try again. If you don't soon see "Countdown to Elections 2014", please remind me.

@ Publish it ... Please be patient. Everyone knows its broad outlines (we're reminded of them almost daily) but I understand the actual document is still in a draft format and needs some work before publication. Other things are more urgent.

@ Joe ... A pretty jaundiced view. You are usually more optimistic and helpful.

@ Good news ... This is only a moderately pro-govt blog. It appears more pro- because almost all other media print nothing positive about government aims and accomplishments.

I criticize and make suggestions to Govt when I think necessary. And I welcome all comments, especially from readers who are seeking a realistic way forward that they hope and expect will be in the interests of all in Fiji.
Pathetic said…
@ Croz,

Come on Croz, you can't seriously believe if the court case went the other way that they would have stuck to that original roadmap. The removal of the constitution has actually made it much easier for them. They could actually have sped things up not slowed and stopped them.

The court appeal was a devastating blow to the military but as always they turned it around into an excuse and a opportunity to blame someone else.

Before the the court ruling they asked everyone to support them because the constitution was alive and their action was legal.....after that changed they just moved on to a new excuse. Pathetic.
Joe said…
I cant see how that can be a jaundiced view when they all are realities on the ground.
Do you expect me to say:
Yeah shut the Fiji times down because Aiyaz doesnt like them, who cares if hundreds of people's livelihood is affected for the loss of jobs to please a bunch of "the proverbial"
Joe said…
If there is such a thing as an "authentic roadmap", it should be subject to amendments as required, in that a Chinese vernacular should be introduced as compulsory for all. Imagine a tourist from Shanghai is looted, fronts up to a Sri Lankan judge in court and says that she has been "rooted" out of "rust"(lust). He stole my "ling"(ring) too. Bainimalama no good. I have no money to buy "fly lice".
Looted in Rust said…
@ Joe said..

A most amusing break from all the rest! "Fly lice in Fiji"....Ha Ha this made my day!!
Anonymous said…
@ Government not helping.....

This post criticises the efforts of government and appears to believe that democracy of itself will deliver THE BIG FIX. Surely, this is little short of...madness? How can such unquestioning faith be invested in democracy when those who might stand in any election are still so obviously compromised by undemocractic beliefs? There are very few democrats among the posters on this or most other blogsites. Most are still in a condiiton of utter confusion: about what is faced by Fiji; about what must be done about it; about the role of both transparency and accountability in Public Life and in the Institutions of the State - most particularly in the Police Force. Until demonstrable change in attitudes is evidenced, what good would democracy bring to anyone?

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