Another Threat, Sugar Problems, Drought Costly, Naitasiri's Children, Housing, Squatter Progress, Stolen Dollars

ANOTHER THREAT.  Anonymous reader Noqu Viti left this comment on the post "Media Freedom? "Good News" from Fiji Times ..." Note how rumour spreads from insider sources and how he intends to protect my human rights if I ever set foot in Fiji.  Abbreviated.  To see the full comment, click on Comment at the bottom of the "Media Freedom .." post.

"Croz, Your blog is nothing but a rabid apology for an unelected regime in Fiji. I live in Fiji and we are suffering from the misrule and bad impact of the lunatic policies of this illegal regime. Yet you crow only about the niceties, in your untutored eyes, about this regime.

"We're glad the military council is now waking up to the lies and corruption of this regime ... I know this as I have close relatives in the military who are actively working from within to return Fiji to democratic rule where human rights are respected and citizens have the government of their choice. When that happens Croz, you better not set foot in my Fiji ok. Moce Kumal[a] Vula."

PROBLEMS IN THE SUGAR INDUSTRY. Government is aware of the problem the sugar industry is facing and is doing all it can to resolve the issues says Commissioner Western Commander Joeli Cawaki.Cawaki says the Prime Minister and Minister for Sugar Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama held a consultation last week on the poor performance of the sugar mills this season. He says they met to discuss how the FSC can be made sufficient as possible to be able to service the community.

“We have some message now according to the consultation or the discussion that we had with the Prime Minister on Friday and we will be implementing some of that. The National Task Force on Sugar have also met and they will be implementing their recommendations on how we can make FSC sufficient as possible to be able to service our community, but whilst in the Western division everything revolves around sugar from Sigatoka to Rakiraki.”

Commander Cawaki says without sugar the economy will go down. “Even though some people are saying that tourism is thriving in the Western division but the unfortunate thing about tourism is only five percent of the dollar from the tourist comes back to the country, 95 percent is retained overseas because these are the business of foreign investors that are here in the Western division.”

DROUGHT EMERGENCY COSTLY. No national state of emergency has yet been declared. Fiji has experienced three seasons of below average rainfall, devastating crops and jeopardising clean water supplies. The Meteorological Office today revealed that if the prolonged dry continues until the end of October, it will have worse social and economic impact on the country than the 1997-1998 drought. That dry spell is reported to have cost the country more than one billion dollars. The National Drought Steering Committee continues to monitor the situation.

ROADMAP IN SAWANIKULA. Gone are the days when  120 children living in Sawanikula, in upper Naitasiri province, will have to cross the Wainimala River several times before reaching school, four villages away, and the days they will be taught in the thatched village hall they have been using will soon be over.  Ten years ago villagers started to raise money for a modern school building. Last week a senior officer at the Commissioner Central Office,  Luke Koroisave, turned the first sod at the groundbreaking ceremony of a new school block to which the villagers have contributed $40,000 and the Government $90,000.  “The aim of the current Government,” he said, “is to develop the least developed areas of Fiji, especially with infrastructure and education and health.”. Yavusa Naboro spokesperson, Mr Alivereti Vurukatawa, thanked the Government for its assistance.  Another small milestone in the Roadmap. – Based on 2010 No:1414/MOI.

PM Bainimarama  says his government has demanded that the Housing Authority and Public Rental Board contribute “in a tangible fashion” to resolving Fiji’s housing and squatter challenges. “Access to adequate and affordable housing is a basic human right,” Bainimarama said at the ground breaking ceremony today for the Housing Authority’s $50 million low cost housing development project on 185 acres of land in Tacirua East outside Suva.

“Adequate housing and home ownership gives and maintains dignity. It empowers people. It assists homeowners to participate as equals in our economy and it creates certainty for the young and our future,” he said.

“Housing Authority in post independence Fiji played a crucial role in making available housing. However, subsequently and over the years, Housing Authority and the Public Rental Board relented on its core values and principles. Concomitantly previous governments failed to tackle the growth of squatter communities and neglected those who needed housing assistance.

The ground breaking ceremony signifies the development of 1,050 lots for those who want to build their own homes and 900 housing units in Tacirua East, Stage 2. This project will assist in addressing the growing demand for housing in the greater Suva area, Bainimarama said.The project is supported by the governments of Fiji and China in partnership with the China Railway First Company Limited.Chinese ambassador to Fiji, Dr Hen Ji Heng said the project is a good example of Fiji and China’s bilateral relationship.

“It is the direct embodiment of the Chinese government’s endeavour to support Fiji in its economic development and improvement of the people’s livelihoods.” Heng stated. Housing Authority chairman, Colonel Mosese Tikoitaga added that the project will be the first sub-division to boast land and housing packages that will cater for low, middle and high income earners.

“This new community will have fully developed residential, civic, religious and commercial lots ranging from 200 to 600 square meters. The sub-division will have the provision of single, two and three bedroom houses as well as multi storey complexes.”

Bainimarama outlined future Housing Authority projects including at Waila in Nausori, Tavakubu in Lautoka, Matavolivoli and Waqadra in Nadi, Natadola in Nadroga, Koronisalusalu in Tavua, and Naqere in Savusavu.

ACCEPT STOLEN NOTES.  The Reserve Bank is now saying accept the notes presumed stolen form the Suva wharf. Note numbers are EB 450 001 - EB 500 000.  The RBF says it is working closely with the Fiji Police in their investigations that have now moved off shore.Read  more.


proud fijian said…
it looks like motibhais will be buying fiji times
What threats? said…
What threats are you talking about? Like Bainimarama you are jumping at shadows. You want to make attacks on Fijian culture and our respected chiefs and think you are not going to get a backhander? Grow up and be a man - you are not in the cassava patch yet.
. said…
@ What threats? ... I have not attacked Fijian culture but have criticized two chiefs who have chosen to enter the political arena where they, also, should expect backhanders.
I should add that I have the utmost respect for some chiefs, and Ratu Joni in particular. You misread my intentions and argument.
. said…
@ Anonymous ... I have deleted your comment because it is anonymous but I've taken the unusual step of copying it here because it has a sound argument. Please use a pseudinym next time.

Anonymous said...


That's threat is nothing compared to what many of us have had here in Fiji at the hands of the PM and his men in green. Cross them real or percieved and it starts. First phone calls, then being pulled over. Quiet word to friends and family. Very scarey and very real here and course never reported. There is a very dark side to this government. No excuse for threats against you but thought it was important for readers to know how the military responds to any opponent.
Pointless yapping said…
Oh come off it, you idiots. So someone criticised two chiefs? Big deal. Is that an attack on Fijian culture? If Ro Teimumu and the Qaranivalu are the embodiment of Fijian culture and beyond criticism, then God help the i'Taukei who support them. They'll be stuck in their own cassava patch for eternity while the rest of us get on with life. Take no notice, Croz, of the wannabe bati of these two discredited individuals and their idle threats. When the army came for them, they fled like village dogs. All bark and no bite.
Radiolucas said…
For anon.

Not an uncommon experience for many I fear. I have never heard anyone try to justify any "excuse" for what they have done.

The military and its leadership have a lot of crimes to answer for in due course.
Radiolucas said…
@ Pointless Yapping

By "fled" I assume you mean that they were arrested by the military, incarcerated, trumped up charges were laid, trial begun, defended, acquitted and released?

Hardly what I would refer to as "fleeing" anything.
Pointless yapping alright said…
You've got some nice friends Croz. The junta seems to attract them like flies.
sara'ssista said…
Personally I have had a gutful of hearing what neglect the LAST elected government left the country in, even if, if, we accept this, which i am not inclined to, this regime has had carte blanche, without any scrutiny or oversight, for four years to make whatever drastic changes and improvements they wish and they are still moaning about how slow the pace is and blaming others.For a miltray that is so averse to politics they play a sneaky game of it.
Radiolucas said…
@ sara'ssista

Right on. The military continue to prevaricate and point the blame to anyone and everyone available: the weather, Australia, NZ, The Commonwealth, the SPC, the media, foreign investors, their own appointed leaders… who else is left?

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