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Allen Lockington's Column
Australia, New Zealand and the Forum "Straitjacket"
The Big Push into Rural Fiji
Timor Leste Journalists and Self-Regulation
Engaging with Fiji: Another Opportunity Lost
Friday's Briefs include -Ramadan, The Week's Rumours, Visible Governing, Dorsami Naidu Found Guilty,  Sunil Kumar Acquitted, Shipbuilding Potential, Soldiers to Train in China, Australian Bluff and Cheek; PINA and PacMA

Also check out Na Sala Cava (Which Path for Fiji) by clicking orange icon in right side bar.


Anonymous said…
Why not add the roadmap to your weekend reading list ?
That way all those the non believers will have
to shut up ?
Elusive roadmap said…
Instead of skirting around the edges and diverging to irrelevancies why don't we focus on the 'roadmap' and moving Fiji forward?
Surely it is easy to get sharon to send you a copy? We are all desperate to read and discuss it?
. said…
Please see my comment on Friday's posting.
Anonymous said…
he don't have it - plain and simple

Croz you give the military way too much credit. How simple would it to publish the roadmap or give a public update - no behind closed door stuff.

If the military want the recognition they so desperately desire they have to start with doing a little to help there supporters. It one thing to hold personal grudges and go after the opposition but another to thumb your nose at the few who are behind them.

PM, AG, Military council - step up and show us your plan. Publish it and be help accountable to it. Otherwise expect people to fear fear the worst.
Anonymous said…
Please keep the discussion going....

Croz, Please keep the road map discussion going.
Don't try and shut it down. The PM has
asked everyone in Fiji to support it.
The PM and got our neighbours to agree it
is a credible process. Surely it is
not too much to ask to see a copy of it?

To assess how this government is going publishing
the roadmap and progress made to date would
be a good start.

You suggest maybe they have not because it
it is not a priority or because it is only
in draft form. Well MAKE it a priority.
Release the draft and perhaps this could be
the first item that is allowed to be discussed.
Lift the PER and let people talk about it.

In the meantime since you are in NZ and well
known coup and military supporter perhaps
you could write and ask military for it ?

Thanks and keep up the good work. Don't get
frustrated by the road maps commnents as it
is an important topic.
Anonymous said…
The Roadmap to democracy is of interest to all who value liberty as a precondition and determining climate for the exercise of democracy. However, in the past 'democracy' Fiji-style became an excuse and a means of abuse. It fostered and fomented terrorism and acts of terror both prior to and long after 2000. It permitted arms to be used to take and keep hostages. So any roadmap back to the exercise of political expression must ensure that never again will such abuse take root. Note well what goes on in Northern Ireland now - again. The return of the Men of Violence. Engagement must take into consideration the absolute necessity for ensuring safety and security when restoring liberty and freedom of expression. How is this to be effectively done? No one who is unable to articulate this fully and confidently should be insisting on "Democracy Now". Look at Iraq and its fatal paralysis. Look at Afghanistan and its confused, corrupted governance. Look at Pakistan - a so-called democracy and .....weep.

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