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BALANCED ABC VIDEO ON BAINIMARAMA .  Click here. And another link in case the first one does not work.

KIWIS OUTDO AUSSIES. This from teletext last night: "Prime Minister John Key is due to arrive Vanuatu to help sort out issues in the Pacific." And I accused the Downer's Aussies of arrogance!

QU0TE FOR THE WEEK. The Alan Judd quote (yes, he is a real author) has drawn comment from several readers.  I thought it apt because several people have urged Government to give more urgency to the dialogue process, and because there are inherent dangers when leadership is restricted to so few in number.

PROGRESS BEHIND THE SCENES. Several readers have said the Government is not making fast enough progress in its constitutional and electoral reforms. More dialogue, monitoring and consultations are going on than is realized, and many activities, though mundane, are essential if the Roadmap is to be achieved. And without the Roadmap, constitutional and electoral reforms will not be sustainable.  Here is one example of the mundane:

The Ministry of Urban Development is instructing town councillors about Accrual Accounting,  a system that allows current cash inflows/outflows to be combined with future expected cash inflows/outflows to give a more accurate picture of a council's current financial condition. This will streamline processes and assist stakeholders and the public to better understand council finances. The  approach is in line with the Roadmap as stipulated in Pillar 3 of the Charter  (to ensuring effective, enlightened and accountable leadership) and Pillar 4 (to enhance Public sector efficiency, performance effectiveness and service delivery.) --Based on 2010 No:1162/MOI.

How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?--Shakespeare.

COMMONWEALTH STILL WANTS EARLY ELECTIONS. Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma says the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) doesn’t accept the regime’s purported need for more time to prepare for elections, and continues to hope the Fiji interim Government can be encouraged to return the country to democracy before 2014. [Government says Roadmap first, then elections. The Commonwealth seems to be saying forget the Roadmap; just hold elections. They are talking passed each other.]

FIJI OBSERVES SOLOMON ELECTIONS.  Officials from the Electoral office, Acting Supervisor of Elections, Soro Toutou, and Viliame Vuiyanuca, are  in Honiara today as Solomons Islands go to the polls.  The fact-finding mission will observe voting, be briefed by election officials on the Solomon Islands electoral system and the structure of the Solomon Island Electoral Commission, and observe the counting of votes. The pair is expected to return this Sunday.

The Fiji Delegation to the Shanghai expo in China, led by PM Voreqe Bainimarama, will address some 200 prospective Chinese investors tomorrow in attempts to entice them to come to Fiji.

Air Pacific launched its second weekly direct flight between Suva and Auckland yesterday. This follows the re-launch of the weekly Friday service in early July. The service cuts out the need for transfers from Fiji's main airport at Nadi.

. Dairy farmers have suffered huge losses since the beginning of the year, says Farmers Association spokesperson Vijendra Prakash.

“We’ve gone through a real real difficult time ... this year. There was hurricane and flooding in the beginning, there’s brucellosis cases spreading in Tailevu region, a lot of cows which were milking cows have been culled. We were supposed to increase milk production by 11%, but we are going down on that line because milking cows were culled due to brucellosis and still that problem is around in Tailevu.”

However Prakash says they are hopeful of increasing milk production in the second half of the year. Is this an area where NZ could offer to help?


Where is the roadmap said…
The People's Charter seems to have disappeared into the swamp of rhetoric. But can someone tell us what the "Roadmap" is? Not the crap, but what is the clear action plan? What are the timeframes, benchmarks and milestones? Time for meaningless words is over - there is a need for the regime to do something real and practical - and ASAP! Credibility is hanging on by a thread!
Anonymous said…
The 'road map' is little more than a speach
given by the PM in 2009 flagging elections
would be delayed to 2014. I'm not aware of any
more detailed document than that.

The peoples charter is a real document at
least but at least 50percent of it is being ignored
by the Military. Despite claims the 'endorsement'
of the charter was a farce. Military going
door to door but even if you accpet 65percent
support for charter that means 65percent
still recognise the constitution as the law
and Frank by his own charter should be in prision.

Many bloggers have been calling for the detail.
I add my voice to that list.
Anonymous said…
Point talen Croz on some progress on structure
The area people feel most worried about is
the new constitutiom, dialogue, election preperatio
role of the dictator beyound 2014 and
how about progress on tranparency that does
not seem to apply to military.

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