PM Tells Bua PC About Reforms

Reforms ushered through by the Government of the day will help the nation of Fiji achieve sustainable economic development in particular democracy with good and just governance says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

The PM told the Bua Provincial Council, the ‘changes’ were for the better as it would bring improvements to the service delivered by government to the citizens of Fiji.

“ Government is particularly interested in improving the service provided to the rural communities especially to the people in very remote areas of the country.

“ We need to cut the red tapes and so called bureaucracy within the government machinery and it’s time to be more efficient and effective in the way civil servants approach their duties to the people. And this government is making sure that the changes are done,” the PM said speaking in the Fijian language.

Commodore Bainimarama delved briefly on other issues like the common name for all and the government’s initiative on the Land Use Decree.

“ A common name for all ‘Fijians’ triggers a positive vibe to every person, every citizen of this country because as one people, we are one nation with a common vision based on love and care for one another.

“Our common purpose is to build a better Fiji for all without exceptions or differences because we are also moving Fiji forward.

“ A good example is the Land Use Decree where more arable land will be on the market for productive and social purposes.

“The decision to have such a scheme in place is one of economic viability, sustainability and growth and the rewards will be enormous for landowners, tenants and the nation as a whole,” he said speaking in the Fijian language. -- 2010 No: 1287/MOI.


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