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CHIEF JUSTICE CRITICISES OZ, NZ.  Fiji has made some ground in restoring their sacked judiciary, but Australia and New Zealand have slowed the process down, Fiji's Chief Justice Anthony Gates says.

Gates said there had been "satisfactory restoration" in Fiji since self-appointed Prime Minster Commodore Frank Bainimarama sacked the judiciary in 2009, the FijiVillage website reported. "There are no magic wands available for this process however," Gates said in Suva on Monday."Australia and New Zealand have hampered our progress in restoring the judiciary at all levels.In the world, this assault on, and interference with, a neighbouring states judiciary is unprecedented." --Sydney Morning Herald/AAP/Pacific Media Watch.

I WOULDN'T PUT MY MONEY ON IT. Commenting on Australia's election outcome, the PS of Information Sharon Smith Johns said, “One clear signal that came out from the voters was that they were frustrated by the Labor Party’s policies and it is obvious that Labor will now have to change its stance on Fiji with regards to its foreign policy which has been a total failure. However, an Abbott-led Government shows promising signs of re-engaging in serious dialogue with Fiji. Fiji is hopeful of working with an Abbott led Government that understands the situation in Fiji." I wouldn't put my money on it.

TWO CEMENT FACTORIES, one in Labasa, the other in Suva, will be established next year when two Chinese cement companies to set up operations.

.Provincial Council Adminsitrator Meleki Bainimarama  said government is racing against time to achieve the Lau annual corporate plan target and reminded government officials to improve service delivery so that the target is achieved by 2012, as required in the Road Map. He called on the people of Lau to work with the government and try to achieve the target on economical development by 2012 before we focus on politics and election in 2014.

ANOTHER AUDIT SHOWS MISMANAGEMENT. Following complaints from pine landowners, an
independent audit on Fiji Pine Trust was called by Fiji Pine Ltd Chairman Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.  The just released report reveals serious cases of misuse, unethical business practices and mismanagement of Trust funds and property by senior executives. The report has been forwarded to the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Fisheries and Forests and a decision on the management of the trust is expected lagter this week.

SUSPICIOUS BUSINESS DEALINGS.The Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit  recorded 750 suspicious transactions and reports in 2009. The FIU disseminated 190 intelligence reports to law enforcement agencies for further investigation of possible money laundering and other serious offences. Further cases have been reported since along with over 140 cases of possible tax evasion and tax fraud. FIU maintains over 500,000 financial transactions in its database.

LEVUKA BID. Levuka's bid to be classified as a World Heritage site is well covered in this  EastWestCenter report.

THE RESERVE BANK GOVERNOR  says sugar production will "decline significantly this year" due largely to very low rainfall and continuing mill problems, but better news shows that there's been a  "significant slowdown in inflation with the rate falling to 5.4% in July after peaking at 10.5% in April."

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Anonymous said…
and here I was thinking it was Fiji's military that tossed out the constitution and sacked all the judges. How silly of me, everything everyday in Fiji is clearly ALL Australia's fault.

The blame game of this government has long become a Joke. Everyone else is to blame never the PM, his military or government.

Very sad times in Fiji
More spin said…
Everyone wants to blames someone but never the Military who took over power, never the military that remain in power. They never look critically at themselves. What worries me most is they seem to be actually believe that everything is Australias fault and nothing their own doing. Very very scary indeed.

You overplay the importance of Fiji to Australian politics and Australia in general. If you want any sort of relationship with Australia you are going about it the wrong way. You should also be embarrassed talking about Australia’s elections when you know that is denied to Fiji.
It was Military who overthrew government, threw out the constitution and sacked all judges. More blame.

Every year we hear about the suspicious transactions but never about the number of prosecutions. Give us some real figures please. We all know that financial institutions are required to report x number of case each year and FIU come down hard if they don’t.

Inflation of 5% is still high period. And this comes of the back of inflation as high as 10%. In other words everything is more expensive. Less spin please governor, we know you got the job by promising the military plenty of positive news but please enough is enough.

You are always quick to blame foreign banks or foreign tourism operators for problems but when it comes to sugar you apply a light touch. Perhaps because sugar is government controlled ?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Disgusted said…
Croz - please put some balance back into your blog. Reporting straight from the censored Fiji verbatim is making me sick. You jump up and down about reporting in OzNZ but continue to spew up everything from Fiji as actual news.

You may as well give the military editing rights at this rate.
SJM said…
In a letter writing campaign to the Labor governement and the shadow minister for foreign affairs I got the same out-of-date, 1950's, headmaster approach so I agree with Croz but hope for better
Suagr and Finance minister please step forward said…
Sugar production or the lack of it is the biggest issue facing Fiji at present. It is also one of the key things the Bainimarama government promised they would fix in their first Road Map (2007). It is now 1010 and 2011 is quickly approaching. Despite window dressing it is becoming very clear that the sugar industry has continued its decline. This year will be worse than last, which was worse than the previous, which was worse than the previous. There is nothing to suggest it will improve next year.

The current minister for sugar is the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama. The PM seems to crave legitimacy and claims he and he only together with his military can chart the right was forward for Fiji and fix Fiji’s problems.

So now is a great opportunity for him as minister for sugar to show he has the answers to fix the sugar industry. It would be great to see him step up and present his plan to fix the sugar industry. Not grandiose statements and blame of previous government but a real detailed plan. Also a opportunity for the public or press to ask questions about the plan.

If the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama wants to been seen as the legitimate PM and legitimate sugar minister now is the time to stand and show us he is the real deal. What is your plan Mr PM ?

It has perhaps not escaped many people that the PM is also the Finance Minister yet just like the Sugar industry I have never seen him take a single question on the governments finances or the eonomy. I have only ever heard pre-written speeches with general positive statements. As finance minister I also say now is your time to step up MR PM.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Name/URL said…
Too many stray dogs in Levuka... The town won't get that WH status if the administrators there are not serious about getting rid of them.
Sad state of Fiji said…
Do you really believe Fiji is moving forward under this military regime?
Concrete Boot said…
Yippee Fiji is going to get competition in Cement. The existing supplier is charging the country way too much and is ripping off the local builders and Fijians who want to build their own low cost homes. So we are told by the Prime Minister.
Basic Industries and Fijian Industries Ltd are two of the many companies owned by Fijian Holdings. Isn't one of the Prime Minister's closest advisors Colonel Mohammed Aziz deputy Chairman of Fijian Holdings. I wonder what he and the rest of the Government appointed board have to say about overcharging the locals.
Joe said…
Australians voted on Aust issues like mining tax, back stabbing of Kevin Rudd etc. Foreign policy in regard to Fiji was never an issue. Sharon is trying to spin it again. She thinks an Abbott led govt will be Fiji friendly, wait till you find out. You will want Stephen Smith back.
Rip Off said…
@ Concrete Boot

Almost every industry in Fiji has been ripping us off and that includes the entire Insurance Industry. It is high time we had another Commission (of course these are expensive and take time to set up)to allow complaints with evidence about the Great Fiji Insurance RIP OFF. Why have we allowed this? Who sits on all these boards? Who owns these blood-sucking companies and who colludes in promoting them to the beleagured and Put Upon Public? Lift the lid on this almost certainly rotten area of business and expose all who are profiting from Fiji's poor health insurance provision and, worse, the motor vehicle and spare parts businesses.

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