China is the way for Fiji, we should forget about Aust, NZ, USA:PM

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Bye Bye said…
Great idea. The sooner the better, and don't come crawking back!!
Anonymous said…
He forgets China is Australia and New Zealands biggest trade partner and how Fiji will need AU and NZ tourism for a long time.

Successful countries work on the AND not the instead.

Australia for example works with US AND China
Joe said…
Yeah right, "a foot in the door" or "a thin end of the wedge". Whatever you like to call it.
Joe said…
More appropriately:
Anonymous said…
and au, nz and us should forget about Fiji. Seems like a fair deal.

I wonder if we are all trying so hard to find positives in this government that we are too blinded to see the leaser is a plain idiot.
Anonymous said…
Next he will be saying China's one party system is the way to go and goodbye election in 2014.
sara'ssista said…
Perhaps in relation to the china relationship, fiji would be willing to accept some sort of semi-autonomous government in the vein of the very successful Tibet, i hear their roadmap is available for viewing.

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